Weekly Web Round Up July 23rd, 2011

News you can use

The heat that has enveloped a huge part of the US has been one of the top news stories this week.  With temperature’s reaching triple digits in many places, people are being warned that pets can suffer from the heat just as people do. Knowing the signs of heat stroke and what to do until you get to the vet can be life saving.  Learn how to prepare at Veterinary Medicine About.com.


That’s Incredible!

MacGuyver would be proud!  After needing to have an injured leg amputated, veterinarians at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine came up with an idea on how Gamera, an African spur-thighed tortoise, would still be able to move around- a wheel attached to the his shell.  Now look at him go!  Read the story at KSL.com.




There’s a lot of promise and hope in stem cells in treating humans for different conditions as well as a lot of controversy.  Did you know that stem cells are being used in animals?  Here’s an article that talks about stem cells treating arthritis in dogs and cats- northshoreoflongisland.com.



Finally something for those of us with little critters!  Next week Zupreem is having a picture contest on their Facebook page.  Just post a picture of your ferret, rabbit, chinchilla or guinea pig with a caption about the picture and you could be 1 of 3 daily winners.  The contest runs from July 25th to July 29th.  Visit Zupreem’s Facebook page for more information and to enter.


Help pets

Who knew having a dirty dog could a good thing? The Jersey Shore Animal Center is holding dog washes for one weekend a month this July, August and September.  Just $10 to end with a clean dog and proceeds go to the shelter. Visit their website for details.


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