Weekly Web Round-up August 6, 2011

It’s been a little hectic with the addition of new diabetic cat, Minuit (pronounced Min-we, French for midnight). When I decided to adopt her, my big concern was how hard it would be to switch her from dry food to canned.  Fortunately, that wasn’t an issue, being able to touch her is the big issue.  If she wasn’t diabetic, I wouldn’t care, but being diabetic I need to test her glucose and give her insulin injections.  So I’ve been searching different ways to bring her around and we’ve had a little luck.  Some of the links this week are ones I found in my search.

News you can use-

Ttouch is a type of body work that helps build a connection between you and your pet. It’s not massage, but uses different touches and movements to activate the function of the body cells. People use it to improve their pets health, performance and behavior issues.  I’ve been trying to do this on Minuit.


Minuit is the second diabetic cat I’ve adopted.  Many people get scared at the prospect of dealing with the needs of a pet with a chronic illness.  Fortunately, the Internet has made so many great resources available and online communities of pet owners dealing with the same issues.  Feline Diabetes has a lot of information to help people learn and the online community is one of the best with members offering even personal help in  learning how to test your cat’s glucose level at home.

Video of the week

Glucose testing is just as important for cats as it is in humans.  This video shows how to test.


Are you a pet expert? Can you name all the dog breeds? Use your knowledge to get a chance to win a $25 gift certificate here at afFURmation.  Just visit each Monday to get the new question for the Pet Pop Quiz and leave your answer in the comments.  Check back the next day to see if you were right.  Each right answer gets you an entry into that month’s contest.

Help pets

Diabetic Cats In Need is the organization I adopted Minuit through.  They work to place cats like Minuit into homes as well as work to keep cats in their current homes by working with them to care for the cat as well as giving some financial assistance. To help raise funds to continue their efforts, they are having an Avon sale. If you like Avon, this is a great time to purchase and make a difference for some cats.  Just visit DCIN’s Facebook page for info on how to make your purchase. The sale ends August 31st.



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