Weekly Web Round-up August 13, 2011


As someone who lost a cat to Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma, I am cautious about vaccinating my pets.  Along with VAS, vaccines have been implicated in other health problems like immune mediated hemolytic anemia. The Rabies Challenge Fund is raising money for a study that will test the duration of rabies vaccines in dogs and it’s interesting to see states working on legislature to expand the time required between each vaccine.  Read about at- “States consider controlling rabies vaccination intervals”.


They grow right before our eyes.


Who wouldn’t like to win something like  A two-night stay with Phido Package at Hotel Phillips, a Bunk bed by Arm’s Reach or a F.Y.D.O. Ink leather collar by For Your Dogs Only. How about winning all of them and more? Just visit FIDO Friendly Magazine Facebook page for details.

Help pets

I am a follower of the No Kill Movement and wanted to share a way for you to help pets in Austin, TX as they work to make Austin a No Kill Community.
If you like both Castor & Pollux Pet and Austin Pets Alive on Facebook, Castor & Pollux Pet will donate a meal to help feed the pets at APA. What an easy way to make a difference for pets!

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  • We think the Rabies Challenge is a great group. Over-vaccination carries some pretty scary risks with it and since the vaccine companies are never going to fund research that will ultimately cut their profits, the dog loving community needs to support projects like this.

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