Trick Training Update- Spin

I was able to get a couple of training sessions in over the weekend. I did get some video and will post them hopefully tomorrow, but thought I would post how things are going.

Havoc– I had decided I would use a lure to train Havoc spin. I hold the treat in my hand and while he follows it I move it so he has to circle around. Havoc is highly food motivated so he has no problems doing this. Training this using a lure makes me realize why I don’t like to lure. While he is following it there doesn’t seem to be any active learning, he would follow your hand anywhere. I was able to have him follow just my hand without the treat, but he still doesn’t seem to realize he is spinning.

Mellie– I am using the clicker to capture Mellie’s movements until she is moving in a circle.  I love doing this!  Unfortunately, once I started I realized I hadn’t really trained Mellie so she had no idea what the clicker meant.  I will add Mellie’s story sometime in the future, but Mellie came to my house after her owner wanted to put her to sleep for being “aggressive”.  She’s does have some reactive issues, but is actually a very submissive dog who was well-behaved.  I’ve just been letting her get some confidence back.  Because of this I went back to teaching her to target (touch) my hand so she can learn what click-treat means.  We’ll move back to spin in a day or two.

Malarky–  I decided to work with Malarky on Twirl since she knows Spin. Twirl is just moving in the opposite direction of the spin.   Malarky understands clicker training and throws her whole self into it.  I started with just clicking for the head turn and by the end of the 4 minute long session was getting some complete twirls!  This was in spite of my out of practice clicker timing.

Moving slowly but surely along!

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