These are a few of my favorite things…

Every pet owner must have at least one pet care item they couldn’t live without, something that may make life easier or is entertaining for both you and your pet.  Being a “multi-species” household, there are a couple of things I consider must-haves.

  • Cardboard cat scratcher– Even with a ceiling high cat tree and a 3 foot tall scratching post, my cats always come back to their cardboard cat scratcher.  This is fine with me! Whatever makes them happy and keeps my furniture safe.
  • Treat ball– These can be used for any pet, I use mine for my rabbit. Stick a few treats in and she is busy for 10-15 minutes. Enrichment at it’s easiest!
  • Kabob– Anything that can be re-used gets an A+ in my book. The kabob is great for skewering fruits and vegetables for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, etc to eat.  I love using them for making toys for my birds. They destroy them and can just add items to make a new one. Considering the cost of bird toys I think this puts me ahead.Dig Box for ferrets
  • Dig Box- The ultimate toy for ferrets. Take a box, add rice, shredded paper or cornstarch packing peanuts (not styrofoam!), then add ferrets and let the fun ensue!
  • Clicker– My can’t-do-without training tool.  I can use this for any animal and currently am clicker training my dogs, rabbit and one of my birds.  It makes things so clear to them and keeps all my training positive!

I could probably go on and on adding items, but these are my favorite pet care items.  What item do you think you couldn’t leave without?

4 comments to These are a few of my favorite things…

  • Hi ~
    Stopping by from the 31 day challenge.

    I find it interesting that a clicker is one of your essential tools.
    We only have a small puppy – no other animals – and I actually do own a clicker but have not made much use of it. Our pup could be a “little” more disciplined. I will have to revisit clicker training and see if it will work for her.

  • Thank you! I really appreciate your article, in fact I think you deserve a thumbs up.

  • dawn

    Puppies are great to clicker-train! They pick up on it so quickly. While they don’t discipline they are great for teaching alternative behaviors (ex. Don’t want the dog jumping on people when they come in the house, teach them to go to a special spot and stay when someone comes to the door). Good luck!

  • Cardboard cat scratchers are great. my cats like them more than the big carpet-covered scratching post.

    Visiting from 31dbbb challenge. I can relate to your disclaimer at the top of your site. Since starting the challenge, I stupidly decided to change my theme… but feedburner lost all my feeds and I’ve totally screwed up other things, too. What a mess!

    Good luck to you organizing your page.

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