The Pets Who Inspire afFURmation

The great thing about writing a pet blog is I get to write about something I absolutely love and have loved my whole life- pets. I’ve been lucky to have worked different jobs that let share my love and knowledge with other pet owners- owner operator of a grooming shop, a veterinary assistant, a volunteer dog trainer for a local obedience club and a customer service representative for an online pet supply company. Pets are definitely my life.

A lot of pets have shared my life. Not just my own, but those I’ve met through my work. I’ll introduce you to a few that have helped shape me into the pet owner I am today and inspire my blog.


Whitney was my first dog.  The dog I wished for. The dog I walked to the library every week or two so I could read anything and everything dog-related.  The dog I trekked over town for so I could get the newest dog magazine.  The dog who showed me how much fun training is and the bond it builds. We made it through parvo, separation anxiety and her fear of men. My proudest moment was showing her at a fun match and having her pass the stand for exam with a male judge. She showed how far trust can take you. She was the best first dog a person could ask for not just for what she gave, but what she allowed me to learn.



Woody how he looks today

I did not need another cat.  I didn’t need a sick cat. But I sure knew I could not let a 5 year old cat be put to sleep.  Woody’s owner didn’t know cats could get diabetes and didn’t have the resources to care for one that did. Adopting this diabetic cat taught me that many people aren’t aware of the potential problems their pets could develop.  I learned where to find reliable information online to help me with that duty.  I learned (again, but this time I listened) what a difference a diet can make for a cat and my 2 current adopted diabetic cats are diet controlled, 1 after being on insulin for over 5 years.  I learned about a wonderful group, Diabetic Cats In Need, that helps owners learn about the disease and keep their cats.  If someone isn’t able to, they work to find a home for the diabetic kitty, no condemnation, just a goal to do the best for the cat. I learned their are many groups out there doing the same for other special needs pets.


Sugar and SpiceFerrets sleeping

I knew about ferrets. I’d met ferrets.  But I never really planned on owning any until I started working at  a company called The FerretStore, an online pet supply company.  After talking to people all day about their little fuzzbutts, I decided to add 2 to my family.  When I began researching their care, I was surprised at how many ferrets were surrendered to shelters and rescues.  I had never thought about how many ferrets or guinea pigs or rabbits were given up, just the dogs and cats. Adopting Sugar and Spice opened my eyes to these small pets being surrendered and the need to educate people on their care before they add them to their household.


Just a few of the pawprints that have been left on my heart. Just a few of the pawprints that make me want to educate others as I continue to learn myself.



Who inspires your blog?

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  • Woody is beautiful!  He’s lucky to have you to take care of him. The ferrets are also adorable, I wish they weren’t banned in California or I’d probably have one.  So cute!

  • I have never been an animal person but I just recently got my daughter a kitty and wow I am in love. I never thought an animal could be such a big part of someones life but this little kitty has shown me different. 

  • Very interesting blog!  Loved your title. 

  • janana

    io sono profondamente innamorata della mia canina Uma, ti capisco

  • Love the name of your blog!
    I wasn’t a animal lover until I meet my husband. We have had 3 cats and 3 dogs (2 pitbulls and now a beagle). I am learning how to gather information about our dog so we can be responsible pet owners.
    Its funny because most of our animals have followed us home or shown up on our door step. So I took that as a sign that we should be pet owners and I am enjoying every bit of it.
    Thanks for your post!
    Still Dating My Spouse

  • I love animals too and have had just about every kind you can think of – dogs, cats, horses, snakes, rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, a llama, ferrets and even a donkey! I miss having my ferrets. Tragically, they died in a house fire along with my dog who was my best friend and a few kitties. It was a very sad day. You can’t replace best friends.

  • MandyMoore

    Whitney is a beautiful dog! I love animals; we have a puggle and beagle mix. She’s adorable but such a great dog!
    My twin daughters inspire my blog. The craziness that comes along with a first time mom of twins. There’s never a dull moment.
    Have  a good morning!

  • Although I’m not much of a pet person myself (too busy writing, speaking, coaching, and raising six kids), my children love pets, and so we’ve made it point to nurture that interest. Over the years we’ve had turtles, a snake, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, cats, and one dog. I sincerely hope that they will have as fond memories of their childhood pets as you have of Whitney! Thank you for sharing.

  • MJ

    Awe, this post made me tear up a little, as I think of my little furry babies, those still with me and those who are not, who manage to influence many of my posts. From my first cat, Midnight that I had as a child, who let us dress him in doll clothes and would parade up and down the street in them, to my Zali monster who we lost tragically over Thanksgiving. There was my lil’ demon kitty who was deaf and growled like a dog, yet turned out to be one of my sweetest babies ever, my Tabby Electra, who was secure enough in his manhood to have a girl’s name, the herd of kitties who still call my house their home, and my Mollie/Bob, an 8 year old Chihuahua with multiple personalities. And lastly, but certainly not least, the beagle-butts, who came into my life as I searched for a way to make sense of the unexpected loss of my Zali. 
    Thank you for sharing the stories of some of your lil’ babies!

  • We have a dog that we adopted from a shelter! Best thing for young kids too! Love your pics, especially Woody! What a beautiful cat! Thanks for sharing!
    Visinting from the Blogelina Event. Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  • I love animlas too.  I first had a cat growing up and got to witness her having kittens twice!  I then had a mutt for fifteen years, a golden retriver and now we have a black toy poodle.  He is my baby!

  • I love pets!  I had a cat growing up and witnessed her having kittens twice!  I also had a mutt and two golden retrievers.  Now we have a black toy poodle who is the love of my life!

  • woodssporting

    Nice post.  Not a big fan of pets, but have had a few special ones in my life.  We had a dog growing up named Emma.  I swear she was part human!

  • I love dogs! Unfortunately , I cannot own one at the present because Im still anticipating busy days when my baby arrives.

  • That was a really lovely post. 
    I think the biggest key to controlling the over-crowded shelters is as you mentioned education.  Less pets, of all varities would wind up in shelters if people just took the time to educate themselves as to what type of care goes into having a pet. 

  • I’m a cat person through and through. My favorite cat ever was a huge grey tabby that was THE most affectionate kitty I’ve ever met. I still miss him to this day.

  • DeannaEvenbeckRoddy

    Animals are my life as well! I’ve had pets since I was a kid.. I never remember a time in my life when I didn’t have any pets. I’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs….etc.. Love this post! Animals definitely become part of your family!!

  • I lived in a farm and loved all the animals that my grandparents had. I’ve never had a pet of my own but I’ve promised my daughter a kitten as soon as she enters school. Woody is so cute.

  • Southern Mom Says

    What beautiful animals! My blog is mostly inspired by my family, children, being a mom etc.  We do have a wonderful dog named Cha Cha, a terrier mix. She was our first baby, before any kids. I feel bad for her sometimes b//c now with 2 kids and another on the way she doesn’t always get the attention she deserves.  We are working on that though!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Mother_Matters

    Beautiful animals!
    I grew up with a variety of pets as a kid – fish, cats, a dog,  a parakeet, cockatiel, a rat, gerbils, and lots of hamsters and bunnies!  My sister ALWAYS wanted a ferret after seeing one somewhere and getting to hold it.  My mom never gave into that request.
    Thanks for sharing your love with us.  My 11 year old daughter will most likely follow in your footsteps!  She didn’t like animals (was afraid of anything furry) till she was 6 or so.  My friends sweet old golden retriever broke her in – and now she LOVES animals!  She picks and looks over our cats like a vet doing an exam – always checking their ears, teeth, etc! :)

  • Lovely pets you have! Cody, my Schnoodle, doesn’t inspire me to write, but I do greatly enjoy all he has added to my life.
    I’m inspired to share ideas at http://www.HealthyFrugalista.com because I want to show people that healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive.  I try to feed Cody healthfully too.

  • kloutz

    We’re pet people too.   2 dogs, 2 rabbits, fish, hermit crabs, and a hive full of honeybees!  They all keep our house happy and buzzing!  I had a ferret as a child – what a great pet.  I always thought they were the perfect combination of the qualities of a cat combined with a dog – both playful and loyal, cuddly and calm.

  • We had two dogs up until a few years ago – one of them even lived to be 17.5!!!  We’re taking a break now while the kids are little, but I know we’ll end up with two more in a few years. 

  • I love your blog.  Our boxer often inspires me to write (I posted a blog in your link up).  Much like you, I grew up with animals, although I confess mine was a far less diverse menagerie, and appreciate the lessons they teach us and the joy they bring.  I don’t want to think about life without our pony (yeah, our boxer is THAT big…).
    They do leave pawprints on our hearts (that was precious, by the way…)
    Peace and good to your two and four footed loved ones,

  • You have precious little furry friends!
    My inspiration is my precious little one, who adores our furry feline!

  • junebug1990

    I love animals.  I always say our pets find us.  I didn’t go searching the pound for an older dog when I got my Saphron but she won my heart.  I didn’t plan on picking up a puppy outside PetSmart when I was going shopping but Othello was too cute to pass up.  Currently I’m loving how they are adapting to accepting our new daughter.  It was been a learning experience for all of us.  I don’t strictly write about my dogs but often they do inspire a post or two.  

  • Your animals are so precious!  I love cats, but can’t keep them because my hubby is severely allergic to dander… thanks for sharing!

  • Nice post!  I’ve always been a dog person, until we adopted Jack – a cat who happened to have a broken tail, feline asthma and a mega-colon.  Of course, we knew none of that when we adopted him.  Now, over $2,000 in pet bills later we don’t know what we’d do without him!  He is such an integral member of our family, and such a joy!  I added a link to my blog post about Jack(zilla) to your link-up.

  • Woody is so beautiful, how could you NOT!!?!?  In sickness or in health, love knows no boundries…

  • I have four cats.  I only planned on having one.  Then the humane society had a 2-fur-1 sale and I couldn’t resist.  Our fourth one found us when he was just a tiny kitten.  I can’ imagine life  without them!

  • I’m not a big animal or pets person. But I do know of many friends who share a close bond to their pets and their pets mean the world to them. It’s amazing how your pets have all taught you something.

  • sazavarietystore

    Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. When my children get older I plan to get some fish,

  • Pets really do change our lives – we don’t expect them to add so much to our lives, but we couldn’t live without them and never know how we did before.  I threaten to banish the dogs from the house all the time, but my husband knows that will never happen!  They love us and we love them for loving us so, I have two adopted pets, a lab mix and a border collie mix.  They are my running buddies and protection when the hubby is gone!

  • I have a little yorkie-poo named Lexy. She’s wild and crazy, but I love her! I don’t think I could live without a pet.

  • I like you am a pet lover. There’s no way I could not have a pet, since they provide companionship, love, and most of all they’re always there for you. My cat Yasmine is my furrbaby and I do not know what I am going to do once she passes. I just know in my heart that I will probably never love an animal as much as I have loved her.

  • Dawn,
    I was a farmer for over 20 years. I raised horses, hogs, cattle, dairy goats, the list goes on-and-on, but my favorite friends were those with fur. I’ve never been without dogs in my life, and even though I’ve had many dogs, there was one who will FUR-EVER remain my favorite. Her name was Nellie, and she lived until she was 15. She grew up with my children, and would walk down to the barn with them daily.  
    When she would find an injured mouse she would place it gently between her mouth and bring it to me.  She knew  I understood that she wanted me to help mend it back to health. She would remind me that every creature in my barn had a place and a purpose. To this day I still have her picture sitting on my desk, and even though my yard has four healthy dogs that run around daily… my heart still remembers my ol’ Nellie.
    You keep “barking”  about the dogs that remain faithful to the hearts of those who love them. It’s funny because people are called “Dog Owner’s” but I believe it’s the dog… who own our hearts!
    And, because of my love for dogs, we’ve created a dog that goes to visit hospitalized children who don’t have any visitors, and are too sick to be around real dogs. Check him out. His name is OwieBowWowie.  www.owiebowwowie.com
    Keep being”PAWSitive!”

  • Byn

    My Purple Monkey inspires my blog!!  Lol, I’m sure that sounds crazy:)  I have a purple puppet that I made and have a kids’ puppet show with my kids.  Your cat photo is absolutely gorgeous.

  • My 3 little girls inspire my blog.  And cannot forget the awesome hubby!!  I am all about family.  

  • KelseyMarieCaldwell

    Thank you for taking on these wonderful animals as your pets, they are truly blessed to have you! Most of the inspiration for my blog are my children, however I frequently write about our pets and of course our horses, we volunteer for Indiana Horse Rescue. Both of my girls are under 3 and they already have a love for animals, which I am so pleased to have instilled in them at such an early age. My oldest is 2 1/2 and just adores anything with fur, she would stay up on her pony’s back all day if I let her!

  • I wouldn’t call myself a “pet person” but I am definitely a dog lover!  I’ve always had a dog, ever since I could remember!  Our dog is part of what makes our family complete.  I have a specific love for the Maltese breed of dogs.  While, our Maltese, Noah, has  not yet inspired a blog post- you have me thinking about being more observant in allowing to inspire one!  My daily inspiration for my blog comes from scripture, my husband and children AND in the future, my dog, Noah! :)  Thank for sharing your love of animals, the way they show their unconditional love is true inspiration!

  • I’m a cat person, myself. My current kitty is a gorgeous tabby by the name of Samwise. (Yes, like in Lord of the Rings.) He is an absolute delight. Fun to learn about your pets!

  • jrroland00

    We have two dogs, a cat and a beta fish. I grew up on a farm with all kinds of animals and have always loved them. It is so nice that you have adopted and saved so many sweet animals.

  • couponistaqueen

    Every pet I have ever had made me a better human.  Thanks for sharing your memories of your pets.  It has made me remember fondly every pet I ever loved.  Extra treats for my dog tonight.

  • Wow!  You really made me think about the different pets out there, although I struggle with pet allergies, so can’t enjoy any (I also have a fear of the ferret!)  I wouldn’t have thought about them being surrendered for sure and am sad that they would be given up – lesson learned to not take on unusual pets before doing the research first!  I personally don’t like the extra burden of animals, but it does make me frustrated to see people taking in too many or ones they don’t intend to take care of for their whole lives.

  • We don’t have any pets now, but my son enjoyed having a pet turtle about 4 years ago. I also enjoyed pet turtles as a kid. We are hoping to get a dog someday when the kids are a bit older and can help with the responsibility. :-)

  • Women who don’t let anything stop them inspires me.

  • lisacng

    Hello! I’m here from the Blogelina 100-comment event. I love my 2 dogs. Our first one was our baby. But then we had a baby, and then got a puppy. We still love the dogs but baby has become priority #1. He is my inspiration for blogging.

  • stblessings

    I love that your pets inspire your blog!  My daughter inspires my blog.  

  • My family inspires my blog. We only have a horse so far. Chickens and a puppy are in the future as it gets warmer.

  • Interesting blog post! I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog like yours before. I have four pomeranians and have grown up having animals all of my life. I always wanted a cat when I was a child but never got one, lol.

  • GeekyCouponer

    Awww!  What a beautiful post!  I have been an animal lover my whole life too!  It was so nice to read about each one of your furbabies.   I loved visiting your blog.  My blog is inspired by my family.

  • bbrian017

    You know my blog engage members inspire me, they log in everyday and submit the content and that inspires me to log in and manage the site every day. Without my members I would be nothing so they inspire me.

  • What a sweet post! I remember when we learned our cat, Scrappy, got diabetes. We unfortunately had to put our down shortly afterwards. :(

  • Hi!  I enjoyed your post!  We’ve had many pets over the years and currently have a male chihuahua, Papi, who is our little furry companion.  Animals make life fun!

  • Les

    I don’t have any pets myself. My daughter has 2 adorable miniature Yorkies. I think it’s great that you helped so many animals in need.

  • I didn’t realize cats can get diabetes and we’ve had our cat for 13 years.  He is just like one of our kids.  We love him dearly and can’t imagine not having him as part of our family.

  • What a great post!  I absolutely love my cat, Kacy, and I love to read about people who are also pet lovers!

  • ThisMomsDelight

    While my pets do not inspire my blog, I may write a post and share them with my readers some day soon.  Most treasured in my heart is my long-haired oriental Georgie who passed several years ago.  The best cat ever!   

  • We’ve certainly had our share of pets. Everything from pet mice to goldfish to cats and dogs. All of them are gone now and we have a yard full of graves, and a life full of great memories. It’s hard to lose a pet. They’re like a child. Loved your pictures! Enjoy them!

  • Cambria
    What a wonderful heart you have to take in these animals! I’ve noticed that people who take good care of animals are usually kinder to the people they meet as well. I had no idea cats could get diabetes either. Thanks for the inspiration! Right now my family is the inspiration for my blog, but it sounds like it is the same for you. . .in just a slightly different way 😉

  • Wow, your love for animals really shines through your post. :) They are all so beautiful! My husband and I both grew up with lots of animals, mostly dogs and cats but we had our share of birds, bunnies and hermit crabs too lol. 
    You know, I had no idea that cats could get diabetes! We have 2 kittens and I want to make sure I watch out for their health. We lost a cat to cancer about 7 years ago and I always felt like I should have known something was up sooner. What are the signs of diabetes in cats? 
    BTW, I don’t typically like ferrets but those are adorable and I love their names! 

  • courtneylynne09

    This is a very touching post.  I can tell you really love animals.  
    My husband and I are going to be getting a dog within the next month.  There is a dog named Mags that we have our eye on.  She is supposed to be good with young children, which is fortunate since we have a daughter who is about to be 1.  :)  Our daughter plays with our friend’s dog all of the time and is so good with her, so we figured we would get a dog for her.  We can’t wait to make many memories with them.  
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • I grew up with a variety of pets but currently we only have two dogs. It’s amazing how much pets can affect our lives. Our boys can’t wait to expand our pet crew now that we’re in rural country.

  • Dawns_Delights

    Great post, I have always had fur babies around. Right now we have 3 cats and 1 dog. I really enjoy each personality they have. They don’t act like typical animals, they love to cuddle and interact with the kids and us. 

  • Awww. Thank you for sharing. I think pets really play a big part in shaping who we are as humans. I LOVE my furry buddy AKA my cat whose nickname is Fuzzy Britches! I adore dogs too. We grew up with two different dogs and I miss having a dog. We “borrowed” a friends dog tonight to try and sniff a mouse out in our house. Totally gross smell in our wall. lol.

  • romanceonadime

    Great to meet your animals! I’m not a pet person, but I do love the couple of dogs I’ve grown up with over the years. My parents currently have an English Setter named Bingley and he is adorable and such a cuddler!! I love when dogs (you know well) are cuddlers!! Thanks for sharing.

  • esavingsblog

    Such a great article, love that you rescue animals :-). Cute pets.

  • We rent and have moved several times in the past few years so we don’t have pets right now but in the past I have enjoyed having fish.  I find them to be mesmerizing to watch and can have such a calming effect on you.  Great work you do with animals.

  • OurSafeHaven

    I love my pets too! We have Abby, our 8 yo golden retriever…Ginger, 14 yo tortoiseshell cat who we got from the pounds at 5 weeks and Buster, our almost 18yo cat who was rescued from the street at 2 m I love my pets too! We have Abby, our 8 yo golden retriever…Ginger, 14 yo tortoiseshell cat who we got from the pounds at 5 weeks and Buster, our almost 18yo cat who was rescued from the street at 2 months old. They are definitely part of the family. onths old. They are definitely part of the family.

  • What a great article!  My son absolutely loves pets.  It is great that you have a loving heart to rescue pets.

  • You are so amazing. It’s wonderful that a human can be so caring and take such pride and resonsibility over helping improve the quality of life for helpless animals.

  • LibbysLibrary

    Oh geesh – I almost wish that I hadn’t dropped by…you see, I just lost my two senior furbabies.  The wounds are still so deep.  They were by my side 24/7 for so many many years. And then reading about your diabetic kitty.  Gosh I had my big Poohser for eons, before he come down with diabetes.  We worked closely with the vet for over 3 years, keeping him comfortable.  Finally when he dropped from about 15 lbs. to 7, and had no will left, we had to say goodbye.  I’ve had cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs, a pot bellied…56 years of loving and being loved by God special creatures.

  • Thanks for giving information about your pets. I’ve never owned any pets but this makes me wish I did just to have a connection with them just as you described in your post.

  • Woody could be my cat’s twin!  I have had a Birman and a Ragdoll and these cats are great.  Although my cat doesn’t make my blog too often, he is definitely a writer’s mascot.  He loves to curl up behind the printer while I work.  

  • emilykeniston

    As a first time visitor to your site, I must say that I am thrilled by your paw social media buttons. Too cute! Did you make them or did you find them somewhere??

  • We have a dog, three cats, seven chickens and six children . . . can I count the kids as pets?  Only joking.  Our dog was adopted form the local pet shelter and has turned out to be the sweetest, most gentle creature ever.  He’s perfect with our kids.

  • I am a total pet lover, and if I had the space I would take in many more! Right now, we have two cats and a dog. Our first cat came from a shelter, and quickly became a member of the family. He formed a fantastic bond with my daughter, and later with our second cat – acting as the protective dad to both of them. Our second cat was given to my daughter as a gift and he truly is her cat. He follows her everywhere, and sleeps in her room each night. Our newest addition is our dog – he was abandoned and eventually picked up by a shelter. We found him through Pet Finder, and waited a very long time to have him transported up to us! We have had him almost a year now, and the transformation in him is amazing! He is my sons best bud, and you rarely find one without the other :)

  • Amy

    Pepper was my first puppy.  She was a lab/beagle mix and absolutely wonderful!

  • ayearwithmomdad

    I grew up with cats and dogs as pets. and the occasional fish! I ALWAYS wanted a ferret or a horse. A horse was definitely out of the question… (money and land issues! LOL!) and my mother vetoed the ferret. Sigh. Now… my hubby has severe pet allergies and so we probably will NOT be able to raise our children with pets unless we go hypo-allergenic… unfortunately, I happen to LOVE big hairy dogs! LOL :)

  • EbmommyMarina

    We’re more dog people than cat people.Hubs side of the family love labs and we’ve had them around always. Definitely an important part of our family!

  • I grew up with dogs, cats and fish and have 4 cats now as an adult.  I’ve always been an animal lover as well and find they can bring so much extra joy and calmness to our lives.

  • We have 2 dogs, Tippy and Ellie 

  • I am so excited to find a Pet Blog!!!! Sherman my Schnauzer is my furbaby and he is awesome. No matter what kind of day I have, Sherman is going to bring smiles the minute I get hom.  I will work on post tonight to link up! This is too fun! :) Great to find you from Blogelina

  • I grew up with pets. As a child we had dogs, cats, rabbits, and a variety of ducks. We had a child size swimming pool just for the ducks. We watched them grow from ducklings into adults. One of my favorite pets as a child was one of the ducks we raised. It followed me around whenever I was outside and loved to be petted. My kids and I hand fed some kittens that had lost their mother before their eyes were even opened.

  • I love animals! I have 3 dogs and a cat and they bring GREAT joy to my life. They are kind of like having children, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! When we were growing up my mother was always taking in a stray dog or cat. I have help birth many kittens because their mother was having trouble by herself. My husband brought home a 2 week old Chihuahua about 3 months ago. Her mother could not feed her, so I hand fed her puppy formula in a bottle. She is healthy now, and all over the place. My grandmothers female cat is diabetic. I didn’t even know cats could get diabetes until I found out her cat had it. Thanks for sharing… It looks like I have found another blog to visit. Thanks!

  • I’ve had many pets through out my life as I love animals. My first was a guine pig named Rosie who was white with red eyes. I got her as a birthday gift when I was nine. She lived until she was 5 years old. I’ve had dogs and cats, rats, hamsters and fish. But I have to say the one closest to my heart was a black long haired cat named China. We adopted her and her sister when they were only 5 months old. She used to sleep with me and often I would wake up to her sucking on my earlobe, kneeding my shoulder and purring. She always knew when I was upset and would come to comfort me. She got really sick and started having seizures while i was away at school so my mother chose to put her to sleep before i got home. It’s somehing that has bothered me ever since, that I wasn’t there. Sometime I think I still see her. Thanks for your post.

  • My kids are now grown but during their growing up years we had many pets, including goats and ducks.  Enjoyed your blog.

  • I’m not really an animal person.  But we do have two dogs, a dachsand and german shepherd.

  •  @Prodigals mom Thank you for stopping by! What an interesting combo of breeds to have.  I’d love to see them together.

  •  @Honey Thank you for stopping by! I’ve never had anything like a goat or duck, but do think a duck would be fun.

  •  @The DIY Dog Thank you! Woody made me fall in love with Ragdolls.  
    I know people have been fighting for years to make ferrets legal to own in CA.  Maybe someday…

  •  @momsrbomb Thank you for stopping by! Sometimes, it’s just meeting that right pet.  They really add a lot to your life.

  •  @janana Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure Uma loves you back just as much! That’s the best part about pets.

  •  @sdms9498 Thank you and thanks for stopping by! Those are the pets I call destiny pets, the ones that are meant to be in your life. 

  •  @Become A Coupon Queen I am sorry about your pets, I would be so heartbroken. You certainly can’t replace them.

  • As I was growing up, we used to have a couple of dalmatians, a japanese spitz, a doberman, a german shepherd and a couple of small dogs whose breed I don’t know. We didn’t have them all at the same time but I remember loving them so much (except the doberman!).

  • angelshrout

    I am a HUGE animal lover. We currently have 4 dogs and one cat and a huge fish tank. My animals are as important to me as my kids, sometimes they act better then my kids. I love the pic of the ferrets. Coming by from the Blogelina event..

  • Aw…. I love that phrase “pawprints on my heart”!  I started with a cat, then two cats, then a dog and two cats…  Sadly, no pets right now, by when my daughter is older I would love to add a dog and a cat to our family :)

  • I love our pets. We always have a dog and a cat. We have had our cat now for 10 years, she just showed up on our doorstep and it was love at first sight. Our puppy is a rescue and very rambunctious. She is our source of exercise. 

  • MamaNYC

    We have one cat right now, but we really want to bring in a kitten from our local shelter. Unfortunately, I have to wait for that since our big baby male cat is KING of his castle. He’s rejected (horribly) any kittens that we tried to introduce him with in the past. Now we are afraid to even TRY again because our son is at the age of remembering (“where’s that kitten???”) and we filled up all of our friends homes with the past attempts (THREE! We tried SO hard… !!!)  ;*(
    – Nicole @ MamaNYC :) 

  • Your love for your pets just shines through.  You have chosen a great blog niche for yourself, something you are very passionate about.

  • Glad to discover your blog and your passion for your pets inspires me.

  • RebeccaHarmon

    Such a heartfelt post you’ve shared! Pet lovers need an outlet to share on just like any other theme. What a great way to bless your readers by giving such a great opportunity to not only hear your heart and love for animals, but to give them a way to express themselves and their knowledge about pets too. I was raised the daughter of a Police Dog Trainer with two award winning German Shepherds protecting me as I was young. These animals sniffed out drugs in school lockers, mines in the Vietnam War, and kept a little curious girl from going outside the boundaries of the yard without a fence. They were gentle giants to me at that age, but the pictures of these special dogs are memories I will always cherish. I hope your dear pets continue to bring you great joy as you nurture them and as they will most likely feed you with loads of wonderful stories of love, humor and compassion. Many blessings to the future of your blog. It’s been a pleasure reading your post. :) Rebecca @ Love2EncourageYou

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