The Almighty Kong

If there is one have to have dog toy, it would have to be the Kong. It’s the one I suggest to everyone. I know it got me through that crazy time after I got my first Jack Russell and reality hit as to how active they truly are! I Kong-stuffed and froze on a weekly basis so I would have something to pull out when I needed a half hour to recharge (leftover mac and cheese mixed into soaked dog kibble was a favorite).

Always looking for new ways for my dogs to enjoy their Kong, I was glad to find “50 Ways With Kong” in my Google Reader. 

What are some of your favorite ways to use the Kong?



1 comment to The Almighty Kong

  • We love a good Kong at our house! We LOVE to stuff the little hole with mashed sweet potato, then the inside with chicken and veggies, cover with chicken stock, then stuff the big hole with more sweet potato and freeze it. It’s a Kongsicle!

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