Social Media Terms for Ferrets, Parrots and Rabbits

Recently Dr. Lori Huston shared a list of different social media terms and definitions that you might find people using around the web. I thought I would share some that you might see pop up when people are talking about some of the non-dog and cat pets.


Faby- a feathered baby

Fid- feathered kid

Frat- a feathered brat

Parront- Parrot owner

MBS- Multiple Bird Syndrome- the urge to get another bird



Binky- a happy dance where a bunny jumps and kicks its back feet in the air

Flops- when a contented rabbit just flops onto it’s side to relax



Fuzzy, Fuzzbutt, Fert, Carpet Shark- what some people call their ferrets instead of ferret

Weasel War Dance- when an excited ferret jumps and twists in the air

Business- a group of ferrets, also called a busyness because of how busy ferrets are

Ferret Math- a mysterious phenomena where ferrets multiply or when some starts with 1 ferret and adds several more

Ferrent- a ferret owner

Who knew there was a whole vocabulary that went along with owning a pet? Now when you see these terms on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, you’ll know what they are talking about.. Do you have any to add to the list for your pet?


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