Sell Your Stuff, Save a Life

Well, I’m late on this.  It’s been a crazy 2 weeks with the loss of my cat Woody and then having to go out of town to a conference.  I managed to get a few things up for the online Rummage Sale.  Be The Change for Pets is sponsoring this event with the goal to raise money for animal shelters.  One of my goals is to open a pet food bank in my area to help keep pets in their homes so the money I raise will be going to submit the paperwork to my state so I can get started.

My listings are:

Craigslist (my local area)

Super Pet FerreTrail Fun-nel Playground Tube Kit


Assortment of Ferret Bedding and Supplies
Assortment of Ferret Bedding

Celltei Pak-o-Pet Carrier Small
Celltei Pak-o-Pet Carrier Small

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