Saving Money on Pet Food.

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The economy.  It’s affected pretty much everyone in some way- job loss, increased prices.  There are times I stand at the check-out register in the grocery store and almost gasp when I hear my total.  I feel almost the same way when I go to buy food for my zoo crew.  The prices have gone up and the sizes have gotten smaller.  I swear I can hear my wallet weep sometimes. 

It’s important for me to feed quality food; I’ve seen how it affects my guys when I don’t.  That being the case, it can be hard to find ways to save money.  The brands I feed don’t have coupons in the Sunday paper.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t save money buying good food.  

Some of the ways I save-

  • I alternate between several brands.  I don’t do this to save money but because I feel it offers my dogs a variety which helps them not be picky.  I also feel it helps balance out any nutritional deficiencies a food may have.  (You can read about offering a variety at Dog Aware ).  My dogs don’t get upset stomachs because they are used to change in diets, but if your dog does you may have to overlap brands by mixing them when switching from one to another. An advantage is that it gives me more mores to save by using the tips below.
  • Visit the company’s website and sign up for their newsletter/email list.  This has probably been the best way I save money.  Many include coupons on there food.  By signing up I’ve also been given the opportunity to take surveys which resulted in very high savings coupons and sometimes receive a free bag of food to test.
  • Get a store advantage card.  Yes, it’s easy to end up with a wallet full of these since every store seems to have them, but they can help you get some deals.  I got some coupons recently when I signed up for Pet Supplies Plus’ card which included a $5 off any order over $50.  I can hit that easily with my crew.  Combine it with other coupons and you can make out pretty good.  One example is a recent deal I did at PetSmart (thanks to My Pet Savings ).  There was a $5 coupon on the PetSmart website for any size Avoderm food.  PetSmart was offering their 4.4lbs bags of Avoderm for $5.99 or $7.49 (price dependent on variety) with their PetPerks card.  99¢or $2.49 (plus possible tax isn’t bad.  Go to  My Pet Savings for more about the deal and links to the coupon (if still available).
  • Find out when the pet food reps demonstrate in the stores.  I usually see the pet food reps there on the weekends, but check with store personnel to be sure.  They often have samples or coupons to hand out. 
  • Check out online stores and sign up for their newsletters/emails.  You will want to compare prices including shipping with how much you pay at the store, but they may occasionally offer deals (free shipping, percent off, etc.) that make it cheaper to order online than go to the store.
  • See what offers your local store has.  I can sign up a maximum of 4 of my pets for a Birthday club at one of my local stores.  Then when their birthday comes around, we’ve gotten coupons for $5 off an order over $25.  This same store also offers a buyers club on certain brands of food where you can get a free bag after buying so many bags. 
  • Keep up on deals like the one I posted above by following blogs like My Pet Savings.  It can be hard to keep track of all the sales and coupons that are out there.  Bloggers like Kristy post them as well as how you can combine deals to get a good savings.  They do the work; you get to reap the benefits. 

I’m a big believer in every little bit helps so the savings will add up over time. 

If you are looking for more money saving tips for pets check out a post I did a few years ago- Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

The cover of BarkonomicsAnd for great money saving tips for dogs check out Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos  written by Dogtipper.com’s Paris and John.  It offers over 300 ways to save money caring for your dog.  As if saving money isn’t enough, 20% of the proceeds will go to an animal charity chosen by DogTipper readers.  Sounds like a good deal all the way around.

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