Rabbit Adoptathon- Tuesday

Today’s bunny is Mango and pretty brown and white bunny. She is a looking for a family that would be willing to take some time and patience in letting her get acclimated to her new home. She is available for adoption at the Luzerne County SPCA.


Rabbit Care- Toys and Enrichment

A bored bunny is not a happy bunny. Providing a variety of toys will help keep your rabbit mentally stimulated, give them exercise and help keep them out of trouble. Toys that can be shredded, chewed, dug, jumped on, pushed around, or thrown can keep a rabbit busy for awhile. Offer your bun a selection and see what his favorite is. You can find suggestions for toys to buy or make at the House Rabbit Society. Check out this Pet Hacks post for some rabbit toys you can make.


There’s still time to join in the Rabbit Adoptathon. Just share an adoptable bunny on your blog or Facebook page.

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