Polly Doesn’t Need a Cracker- Information on Parrot Diets

I finally got to those pomegranates that have been in my fridge since before Christmas.  It’s amazing how big a mess you can make taking the arils out and how many arils you can get from 6 pomegranates.  The parrots will enjoy them for the next several months added to their veggie mix.


Wait a minute…parrots and veggies?  Many people don’t realize that a seed only diet doesn’t provide the nutrition a parrot needs and can contribute to health problems.  So what makes the perfect parrot diet? Unfortunately, parrot nutrition is still being learned, so it’s not possible to say what each species needs in it’s diet. Experts recommend a variety of foods be offered. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and pellets can all be part of making sure your bird gets the nutrition they need.

My flock gets a veggie mix based on the Feeding Feathers Yahoo Group recommendation (see resources at the end of the post) in the morning with some nuts hidden to give them something to forage for.  Then when I come home from work, they get some seed with a few more nuts to forage for.

Making the veggie mix takes a little time and some messes to clean up, but the time is worth it to make sure the feathered crew stays healthy.  Plus there is just something about seeing those veggie covered beaks that makes me happy!


Looking for information on parrot diets? Visit-

What Is Good Bird Nutrition?

Holistic Birds

Phoenix Landing

Feeding Feathers Yahoo Group– this is an excellent group.  The moderators are very knowledgeable and seek input from those that study avian nutrition.  the files section contains a lot of information and sample diets.

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