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I love learning about animals. The armadillo I met at the pet expo on Sunday was the first one I ever saw up close. While I’ve seen chinchillas before and know some about them I always seem to learn something new.


Q: What do chinchillas do when they are frightened and that helps them get away from predators?

A: Chinchillas loose some of their fur to get away.  This is called fur slip.

(Source- Chinnitude)


If you left a correct guess in the comments you’ll get you an entry into the September Pet Pop Quiz and Contest. Stop by next week for another chance to get an entry.

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When I was a teenager the woman next door to us had chinchillas and I would watch them for her when she went away. I don’t remember much about that though. They are kind of cute. I wonder if my dogs would like one? 🙂

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