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Did you know ferrets were illegal to own in some places? I was surprised to find this out when I first began researching them. Fortunately, I was able to keep them where I live. Let’s see what other state you can’t have them in.


Q: Ferrets are illegal to own in 2 states in the US. One of those states is Hawaii. Name the other state.


A: Along with Hawaii, ferrets cannot be kept in California. Along with these 2 states there are cities that make them illegal to own such as New York City and Allentown, PA.

(Source- Legalize Ferrets)


This is the last Pop Quiz for July.  The Pet Pop Quiz will go on hiatus for the month of August, but  look for it again on the first Monday of September.

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Good question Jodi! The Department of Natural Resources is worried that they if they escape into the environment they will take over and ruin the environment . This has never happened in another state in the US for as long as ferrets have been kept as pets for a couple of reasons. One- probably about 95%(my estimate due to their being very few private breeders in the US) of ferrets sold as pets are spayed and neutered when they are a few weeks old so they never be able to contribute to a ferret population. Two- most ferrets become so imprinted on the kibble diet most eat they would have no clue how to hunt to survive. Ferret owners have been fighting for along time in California to make them legal. That’s the government for you. Common sense goes out the window!

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