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Sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of Lord Tubbington I could use.

Maybe I’m not watching the right shows, but there don’t seem to be to many pets on TV anymore. There’s a horse on 2 Broke Girls, but I can’t think of another one. Which shows am I missing with an animal as part of the cast?



Q: Cheerio Brittany has pretty hefty feline guest star on her Internet talk show “Fondue for Two”. What is Brittany’s cat’s name?


A: This feline Internet star is Lord Tubbington, a brown 25lb brown tabby who has appeared in 3 Glee episodes.



If you left a correct guess in the comments you’ll get you an entry into the July Pet Pop Quiz and Contest. Stop by next week for another chance to get an entry.


(Source: Glee Wiki)

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