Pet Pop Quiz Answer

English Lop

Not Ms. Glee the Diva Bunny, but a very handsome guy with his long ears.

This rabbit breed is my favorite. Well, I have to say that or Ms. Glee the Diva Bunny will not make life easy for me. Let’ see if you knew the breed.


Q: This rabbit breed may be the oldest one  with its existence documented back to the 1700’s. Known for having the longest ears , this lop eared breed is thought to have originated in Africa. Name this lop eared rabbit breed.


A: The breed is the English Lop. It is thought their long ears, which can average 22 inches in length, helped keep them cool in the African heat.

(Source- Wikipedia and Lop Rabbit Club of America)



Ms. Glee the Diva Bunny with her much shorter ears. What can a girl do?

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