Pet Pop Quiz Answer.

Avacado on tree (closeup)
Sometimes when I’m going through the grocery check out, I look at everything I put on the belt and laugh. I swear half of my groceries are for the critters. They eat better than I do! At least the birds have been enjoying their new batch of mash. Let’s see what the mystery toxic fruit is for this week’s question.

Q: This fruit that is toxic to parrots originated in Mexico. It is the main ingredient in guacamole. Name the fruit.

A: The avocado is extremely toxic to birds as well as many mammals. Eating the fruit, seed, leaves or stems can cause cardiac problems that could result in death.

(Source- The Merck Veterinary Manual)

This is the last Pet Pop Quiz for June so next week’s quiz starts a new contest. Be sure to stop by for a chance to get an entry.


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