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Probably everyone who ever wanted to be a vet read these books. My aunt and uncle got them for me one year for Christmas and it was the best Christmas gift ever. I have read them over and over again. They never get old.

Q: The series of books is about a young vet, his family, friends and patients in North Yorkshire, England back in the 1940’s. The first book in the series  was All Creatures Great and Small. What is the name of the vet in the series?

A: The vet is James Herriot, which is the pseudonym James Alfred Wight wrote the books under. There was a TV series on from 1978 to  1990. A 3 part series featuring James Herriot as he went through vet school aired in December 2011.

(Source- Welcome to Herriot Country)

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  • DawgBlogger

    Oh, yeah, I know that one, loved it.

  • somethingwagging

    I love the James Herriot books and read them over and over. I passed by Dr. Wight’s home when i visited the Lake District in England many years ago and felt quite starstruck. :)

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