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Hope your Thanksgiving went well!  I celebrated with my sister’s in laws so the critters had to stay home, but I let them indulge by buying turkey canned food for them.  They seemed to enjoy it!

Let’s see how you did on your answer- 'Oslo the Lundehund' photo (c) 2005, Jon Bell - license:

Q: What breed of dog has at least 6 toes on each foot, can close its ears and can bend its head backwards?

A: The Norwegian Lundehund is the breed.  The breed name comes from Lunde for “the puffin bird” and Hund for “dog”.  They were originally developed to hunt the Puffin.  The extra toes made it easier to climb cliffs and slippery rocks.  The ability to close its ears helps protect the ears from dirt and being able to bend it head over backwards helped when they had to back out of the areas where the Puffin nests were.

(Source- The Norwegian Lundehund Club of America, Inc.)

Sounds like an interesting dog!  You can see these interesting feature by visiting The Lundehund.


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