Pet Pop Quiz Answer

How’d you do with the answer? I think this name is a perfect fit for ferrets.

Q: What do you call a group of ferrets? TheGirls

A: A group of ferrets is called a Business or sometimes a Busy-ness because of how active and busy ferrets are. Pretty fitting name isn’t it?

(Source- Ferret FAQ)


My ferrets love spending time running through their tunnels after each other and wrestling.  How do you ferrets stay busy?

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2 comments to Pet Pop Quiz Answer

  • Jen

    My coworker once turned to me and asked, “Do you know what a Clowder is?” When I answered “Clown chowder”, I think our relationship changed. The real answer is “group of cats”

    “A business of ferrets) (or busyness!) is a fantastic name!

  • dawn

    Hehehe! Clown chowder…I think that was a good guess. I probably shouldn’t admit this being a cat person, but I wouldn’t have given the right answer either before doing the Pet Pop Quizzes. Yay for the Internet!

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