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Did you know the answer?  Seeing the symptoms scares many owners and makes them think their dog has suffered a stroke. Thankfully this is something your dog can recover from much more easily than a stroke.

Q: What is the name of the disorder that can have the following symptoms in dogs:

  • stumbling/staggering around
  • rapid back and forth or rotational eye movement
  • circling
  • head tilt
  • motion sickness
  • falling to one side
  • problems with the other nerves that control the head and face


A: Vestibular Disease occurs when there is a problem with the vestibular apparatus, the part of the body that allows your body to know it’s orientation according to it’s placement of Earth.  It can be caused by a brain lesion, a middle ear infection or happen for unknown reasons.  The video shows what some of the symptoms looks like.

(Source- Mar Vista Animal Medical Center)

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2 comments to Pet Pop Quiz Answer

  • This happened to one of my cats, Disco (who you will get to meet at BlogPaws)and I recorded it, too. It happened in July 2008 and not again since. My vet (who I work for, lol) said she sees it more in the summertime and isn’t sure if there is an allergic component to it, and normally they get through it within 2 weeks and are back to normal. Disco was like that about 3-4 days as I recall and didn’t require any treatment.

  • dawn

    I know I don’t do dizzy well so I feel sorry for Disco having to go through it. A vet I used to work for said she saw it more in the spring and summer. At least it is something where people come into the vet expecting the worse news and end up with a good outcome.

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