Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

Ugh. The heat returned yesterday. The zoo crew and I just vegged and tried to keep cool. I have to get in the routine of doing outside stuff in the morning when it’s cooler. At least it didn’t keep from from getting the next Pet Pop Quiz up.


Q: What do gerbils do when they are frightened or excited to warn other gerbils?


New- please include your email address in your comments so I can reach the winner more easily. You can make it spam proof by posting is as email at email dot com.

Share your answer in the comments for a chance to win an entry, then check back on Thursday to see how you did! Remember the week’s contest ends at 6am Eastern Time on Thursday.  For complete rules, visit the Pet Pop Quiz Information page.




3 comments to Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

  • mdweitzel

    If you hear your gerbil thumping his hind legs rhythmically, something has startled him, and he is warning any other gerbils that there might be danger.  misty at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

  • rlweitzel

    Gerbils “thump” if they are stressed or excited, similar to rabbits.
    rick at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

  • njweitzel

    Gerbils thump their legs when they are feeling threatened.  nancy at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

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