Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

Have you ever had vertigo?  I spent a couple days this past week with it and it’s no fun.  Dogs can suffer from a disorder that causes them to feel the same way so I thought I would make that the topic of this week’s question.

Q: What is the name of the disorder that can have the following symptoms in dogs:

  • stumbling/staggering around
  • rapid back and forth or rotational eye movement
  • circling
  • head tilt
  • motion sickness
  • falling to one side
  • problems with the other nerves that control the head and face

Think you know what it is or maybe your dog has suffered from this.  Leave your guess in the comments below before 6am Eastern time Tuesday, August 23rd and if you guess right.  You’ll get an entry into the Pet Pop Quiz Contest.

Please read the Rules before entering for prizes, entry requirements and eligibility.

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