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Today is Memorial Day in the US, a day to remember those who gave their lives for our country. Dogs have been a part of our military effort when a training program began in 1942. Today’s question has to do with those canine heroes.

Q: There are 3 breeds that make up the majority of military war dogs used today in the US Military. Name 1 of these 3 breeds.

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8 comments to Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

  • I would say (without looking it up) German Shepards or Labs, I’ve also heard the Staffordshire Terrier has has it’s share of honors.

  • Lisa F

    German Shepherd. Thanks! destinylaf at aol dot com.

  • mdweitzel

    They must be German Shepherds, Malinois, or Dutch Shepherds to become Patrol Dogs. Specialized Search Dogs can also be sporting breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, or Springer Spaniels.

  • rlweitzel

    The vast majority of U.S. military working dogs in recent times are German and Dutch shepherds and Belgian Malinois, breeds chosen because they are very aggressive, smart, loyal and athletic.

  • njweitzel

    Belgian Malinois 
    nancy at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

  • rlweitzel

    rick at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

  • mdweitzel

    misty at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

  • somethingwagging

    Belgian Malinois, one of my favorite breeds. Oh, and finally gave up and used Twitter to sign in. Wish me luck. Whenever I use Facebook to log into another ap, I end up getting hacked.  

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