Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

Malarky and I attended our first production handling class yesterday. We are learning different things that are need to do animal acting. I got a taste of it a few years ago with my dog Ricochet when he had a small part in a film school student’s last project. It was a lot of work, but it was interesting so I thought I would get Malarky into some training. In honor of our first class, I thought this week’s question would be about a dog movie.

Q: Name the film that came out in 2000 about a boy growing up with his terrier in the 1940’s. The canine star of this film was played by the 2 Jack Russells who played Eddie on Frasier-Moose and Enzio.


Leave your answer in the comments below before the answer is posted on Thursday morning.  For complete rules, visit the Pet Pop Quiz Information page.

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