Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

Yesterday was National Feral Cat Day, a day started by Alley Cat Allies to make people aware of feral cats and promote TNR.

Q: What does TNR stand for?


Leave your answer in the comments below before the answer is posted on Thursday morning.  For complete rules, visit the Pet Pop Quiz Information page.

2 comments to Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

  • TNR means “Trap, Neuter, Return :)

  • Ooooohhhhh, a trivia question I know! Here we call it trap & release and I am constantly shelling out money to the vet for the innumerable litters of kittens and feral cats people seem to think it’s OK to dump at our barn. When we took over there, there was well over 50 cats. I have managed to bring that down some, but it’s a loosing battle when folks keep delivering me more!

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