Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

Congratulations to our September winner- Caren who blogs at Dakota’s Den and Cat Chat with Caren & Cody.

Now for a new month and another chance to win!  I began a new hobby last spring- needle felting.  Basically you take fiber like wool and poke a special needle into it over and over again.  Doing this causes the fiber to tangle together.  You then sculpt it into different shapes.  I am very much a beginner, but you can see some of the beautiful work on Needle Felted Art by Robin Joy Andreae.

As I’m learning about needle felting, I’m reading a lot online including the different types of fiber you can use.  Fiber comes from animals like sheep, alpaca and rabbits.  But some people also use fur from dogs for things like spinning.  So for this week’s question-


Q: What is the yarn called that is spun using dog hair?


Leave your answer in the comments below before the answer is posted on Thursday morning.  For complete rules, visit the Pet Pop Quiz Information page.



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