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Wow! September has flown by. This is the last Pet Pop Quiz for the month. Since I’ve been cleaning up the bird room today, I decided to make it another bird question.


Q: What parrot species is known as the most intelligent?


Share your answer in the comments for a chance to win an entry, then check back on Thursday to see how you did! Remember the week’s contest ends at 6am Eastern Time on Thursday.  For complete rules, visit the Pet Pop Quiz Information page.




4 replies on “Pet Pop Quiz”

Your question made me think of Alex, the African Grey Parrot who was so very intelligent. Apparently, African Greys are the smartest. But I hear that Conures and Lorikeets disagree. 🙂

African greys are considered one of the most intelligent parrot species.
misty at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

The African Grey Parrot, aka the Grey Parrot, is regarded by experts as one of the most intelligent birds in the world.

nancy at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

Studies of the African Grey parrots have demonstrated intellingence equal to that of a chimp…or a three year old child. rick at weitzelandsonsexcavating dot com

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