Pet Pop Quiz

Okay, so far I’m not feeling very motivated to get out and do yardwork or get back to de-cluttering and organizing my house. It seems so much easier to just sit and vegged with the critters. I’m sure they enjoy the together time, but I have to get back into the groove. At least I have no problem staying motivated to get the Pet Pop Quizzes up. I love that I learn something with each one.


Q: This species of mouse has bristles or spines on its back. It comes from the parts of Africa and Asia. What is the name of this pet?


New- please include your email address in your comments so I can reach the winner more easily. You can make it spam proof by posting is as email at email dot com.

Think you know? Share your answer in the comments for a chance to win an entry, then check back on Thursday to see how you did! Remember the week’s contest ends at 6am Eastern Time on Thursday.  For complete rules, visit the Pet Pop Quiz Information page.

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