Pet Hacks- Pet Food Canister

Pet Hacks is a new feature on afFURmation. It will share do-it-yourself projects pet owners have made to make their pet’s life easier, happier or just more fun! Remember every pet is different so what may work for one pet might not work for another.

If your house is anything like mine, you have a couple of those large popcorn tins hanging around. I never know what to do with them. they usually have Christmas designs on them so aren’t something I really want to keep out year round. What to do with them, what to do…

Cheryl from TidyMom came up with the great idea of revamping the tin to make a very stylish pet food canister for her dog Cullen’s  food.


Photo used with permission of TidyMom

If you’ve been looking for something to do with those extra tins that are hanging around (No tins?! Check out your local thrift store. I usually see a couple at the ones near me.), check out the post on TidyMom to see how Cheryl transformed her tins.




Do you have a do-it-yourself pet project you’d like to see featured on Pet Hacks? Just complete this form to submit your project.




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