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Pet Hacks- From Console to Dog House

Pet Hacks is a new feature on afFURmation. It will show do-it-yourself projects pet owners have made to make their pet’s life easier, happier or just more fun! Remember every pet is different so what may work for one pet might not work for another.


Igor is the lucky dog whose mom. Sara from Endorsed By Igor, made him this cool dog house out of a console TV.


Used with permission of Endorsed By Igor

Why did you decide to make your project?

I wanted a set living space for our dog, Igor.  Up until the house was made, he would call home to an old comforter that would end up in various places in the living room and bedroom.  Plus, he’s a good little guy and I had tried (unsuccessfully) to make him dog clothes – so I figured this was a project that I couldn’t screw up too much. 🙂
What was Igor’s first impression of his new place?
He loved it, but he’s a pretty happy pooch (unless he’s around strangers… ugh).  When we tell him to go “home” he jumps right in.  
What tips do you have for someone thinking about doing the same thing?
Going into this I had seen others do something similar without all the steps, and that frustrated me.  I’m a step-by-step gal. lol.  
So #1, I didn’t know what I was getting into.  One blog showed a picture before and a picture after, and that was it.  Another one stated that she had family members gut the TV.  None were realistic to my situation.  I wanted to do the project therefore I had to gut it myself. lol.
#2, Of the sites I found, none of them stated the precautions when dealing with a TV tube.  Thankfully, I had my husband that said that I should be careful… it probably wasn’t the smartest or more environmental – but we ditched the TV tube in one of the dumpsters provided by our apartment complex.  Even though nothing happened with our tube, I’m still kinda scared of the thought… I’ve contemplated searching YouTube videos to see what would happen if the tube would crack/break… but even that makes me nervous. ;P    
Sara: I’m a life-long redhead and novice crafter, trying to express my creativity while living in a stale white apartment.  Stop on by and say “hey!”  Email me at endorsedbyigor(at)gmail(dot)com


Sara’s blog is Endorsed By Igor and you can find a great tutorial for Igor’s dog cave by clicking here.


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I think this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I keep hoping I can Find my an old TV. You are very talented.

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