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Pet Hacks is a new feature on afFURmation. It will share do-it-yourself projects pet owners have made to make their pet’s life easier, happier or just more fun! Remember every pet is different so what may work for one pet might not work for another.


Ms. Glee the diva bunny is a little picky when it comes to toys, but I guess that is a diva bunny’s prerogative. Her favorite toys involve treats so I was thrilled when I came across this easy to make toys on The Rabbit House Blog.

Picture used with permission of The Rabbit House

Tam promotes rabbit care and rabbit rescues in the UK on The Rabbit House and she has a lot of great ideas for toys, treats and other things rabbit. I asked her some questions about the cardboard roll toys she made.

Why did you decide to make the cardboard roll toys?

Rabbit’s are inquisitive and intelligent animals and they easily get bored if they have nothing to do. Trying to keep Scamp occupied is a constant challenge and I wanted to experiment with some new, easy to make toys to keep him busy – he tends to make his own fun otherwise which usually involves chewing something he shouldn’t!


Picture used with permission of The Rabbit House

What was Scamp’s reaction when he got the cardboard roll toys for the first time?

Scamp’s a very confident rabbit so when he saw something new he went straight up and gave it a sniff. It only took him a few seconds to detect something tasty, and then he tossed them around a bit before going in with his teeth and paws shredding cardboard to find the treats.


Do you have any tips for someone who is planning to make the toys?

I’d suggest starting by making it very easy for your rabbit to get the treat – even if that means just a cardboard tube on the floor with a treat inside or having the treat poking out through the ball. Once your rabbit learns there is a treat involved, you can make the toy more and more complicated, so your rabbit has to puzzle it out and spend more time playing and chewing to get the food.

Picture used with permission of The Rabbit House

I’d also recommend using a portion of your rabbit’s normal meals rather than lots of extra treats, that way your rabbit can enjoy lots of toys without having to worry about his/her figure.

Visit The Rabbit House for the directions to make each of these toys along with other toy tutorials.

Tam shares her life with Scamp a rabbit she adopted from a rescue.




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