Pet First Aid Awareness Month

The luck of the Irish wasn’t with Malarky on St. Patrick’s Day when she ran over a log with a nail sticking out of it and wounded her chest.  The vet didn’t open for 3 more hours, but luckily it wasn’t bleeding badly and I was prepared.  Grabbing wound cleaner, a non-stick gauze pad and vetwrap, I cleaned it up and wrapped it so it would be okay until the vet could put sutures in it.

Bluey's new bandage from the cat attackphoto © 2009 Adria Richards | more info (via: Wylio)Fortunately, as far as emergencies go, this one wasn’t bad.  But you never know when something might happen. Having supplies on hand and knowing what to do helps reduce  stress during an emergency and it could save your pet’s life.

Are you ready to handle an emergency if it happens? The Red Cross has declared April Pet First Aid Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to learn about how to recognize and handle emergencies with your pets.

Through out the month, I’m going to be featuring posts with some information and resources to help you get prepared, so be sure to check back.


Upcoming Pet First Aid Awareness Month Posts-

Knowing what’s normal for your pet

Is this an emergency?

The First Aid Kit

What to do during an emergency

2 comments to Pet First Aid Awareness Month

  • When my dog tore her dew claw a few weeks ago, I realized I know absolutely nothing about dog first aid. I did what I could using what I know about similar human injuries but I know I need to learn a lot more about what to do for my dog in an emergency. I look forward to reading your series on this. Should prove very helpful! Thanks!

  • So glad it wasn’t too serious for Malarky! Horrors!
    As for pet first aid – I don’t think we can ever get enough information; I for one feel so ill-prepared and I can’t wait for your tips – thanks!

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