Pet Blogger Project

There is no doubt what the power of the Internet can do to have a positive effect on the world.

And there is no doubt that pet bloggers are passionate about pets.

So what if we took those 2 things and put them together to make a difference for pets?

I’ve been thinking about a project that all pet bloggers could get involved in by doing something that they are good at- writing.

What my idea was is an ebook where every blogger would contribute their own paragraph or two on a specific theme. Once the book is together, we could offer it for sale with all the income going to a pet organization or two or three.

Here’s a theme I thought would be interesting to potential buyers and also us as bloggers a variety of different topics to choose to write about.

“What I wish I knew before I became a pet owner”


What do you think? It would give us a chance to write practical information, funny information, something sweet or touching. You could write about a specific species or on pets in general. Along with your submission would be a 2-3 sentence bio with a link to your blog and I think we can probably do a small picture from each blogger.


6 comments to Pet Blogger Project

  • That sounds like a fun project but what about us pets that blog? Maybe a Chapter “What I taught my human about pet ownership”? I am sure some of my Kat and kanine blog writers would be able to add to the subject.

  • dawn

    Carma Poodale, that’s a good idea! I was just throwing the project idea out so I appreciate you reminding me. Of course pets that blog are included.

    If you want to pass the word and let them know so we can see how much interest there is with everyone it will help so we can see if it’s worth pursuing this project.

  • Sounds like a great idea! There are lots of things I wish I knew before bringing home my first puppy. It could probably be a book in itself.

  • Sounds like a good idea! What about a chapter on pet sitters?

  • dawn

    Debbie, I think we’ll have to wait to determine chapters until we receive everyone’s entries and know what we have. So if there are enough entries about one topic we can make a section on that topic.

  • Dawn…Not sure why, but I just spotted this & I’d love to help…I checked organizing, but i can also help with editing/proofing

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