Pawsitively Interesting 4/2/2011

I love surfing the web.  It’s the nerd in me. I can spend hours going from link to link, reading interesting tidbits and news.  I thought I would share some of the pet-related things I find along the way.

  • When you think Easter, you think rabbits.  The Easter Bunny is the holiday’s hero.  Who wouldn’t love someone whose job is to give out chocolate? Unfortunately, it’s also a time when many people give rabbits as an Easter gift, only to decide a few months later that they don’t want them anymore.  Make Mine Chocolate! is a campaign started by the Columbus House Rabbit Society to teach people about the care a rabbit needs and discourage them from giving them as Easter gifts.  This year they have teamed up with Rescue Chocolate to promote their campaign and Rescue Chocolate is donating part of their proceeds from the sale to the national House Rabbit Society!  You can read how to make sure your purchase helps the HRS at House Rabbit Society Rabbit Center Blog.
  • Washington Ferret Rescue is one of many that gives homeless ferrets a place to stay until they are adopted.  They are having to make a sudden move from their current location and are trying to raise some funds to help them with their moving costs.  See how you can help on their Facebook page or consider donating to help with their costs.

This post is part of The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

2 comments to Pawsitively Interesting 4/2/2011

  • Such a great reminder about the bunnies. So sad that people don’t think about the future.

  • Hooray for you and hooray for cute little Malarky! I bet you were both glad that you were prepared to help him out after a brush with a nail. Poor thing but so happy you were able to help the little guy in the time of need. You are right that we all need to be First Aid prepared in case of emergencies.
    Thanks for posting this!
    Also, thanks for introducing yourself and for following my blog! I am now following yours!

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