Pawsing around the Web

This is my weekly round-up of interesting pet (animal)-related links for you to check out!

  • Save the FrogsDid you know April 29th is “Save the Frogs Day”?  I learned about when I read a post on philly.com about a woman trying to help toads in Philadelphia.  These amphibians are an important part of our eco-system and their population is declining.  Learn how you can help their survival and help spread the word at Save the Frogs.
  • Keeping my canine crew supplied in dog toys can be a bit wearing on my wallet.  They tend to be a little tough on them.  I found directions to make this cool toy that uses a plastic soda bottle inside like some of the toys out on the market.  I’m going to have to pull out my sewing supplies someday and see about whipping one of these up.
  • Birdlovers, here’s a contest for you!  Bird Channel (publishers of Bird Talk) are running a bird photo contest and the winner gets tickets to see the upcoming movie Rio.  See how to enter at Bird Channel.
  • Pet Simply is similiar to Groupon, but it’s for pet owners!  They offer special deals such as this $30 online gift certificate to Doggie Couture shop for just $15!  Plus for a limited time part of the proceeds goes to animal charities. If you are looking to get your dog stylin’ or are just looking for some dog toys check out Pet Simply.


Did you find anything pet-related that was interesting, funny or cool on the Internet this week?   Share your find in the comments.




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