National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day

We’ve been lucky so far this winter here in Northeast Pennsylvania with only one snowfall so far, but January is coming and it will probably bring the winter weather with it.  Many dogs and cats enjoy frolicking in the snow, but it’s important to remember the snow and ice can bring some dangers with it. To help pet owners be aware of these dangers and learn how to enjoy the season safely, Morton’s Salt is sponsoring National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day.

What are some ways you can keep your pet safe through the winter months?

  • Avoid too much outdoor time when temperatures fall below freezing. These temperatures are just as dangerous for animals as they are for people.
  • Knock on the hood of your car each morning before you start your engine. Often outdoor cats will crawl under a warm hood to sleep, but this puts them in danger of being badly hurt or killed when the engine starts.
  • Keep antifreeze put away and watch for any spills so you can keep your pet away until it is cleaned up.  If the snow is melting don’t let your pet drink out of puddles in case antifreeze has leaked into them.  It only takes a few ounces of antifreeze to kill a pet.  Consider using an antifreeze that contains propylene glycol instead.
  • Use a pet safe ice melt such as Morton Safe-T-Ice.  Many brands contain chloride which can be irritating to their paws and upset their digestive tract. If you go for a walk away from your house, be sure to wipe your dog’s paws in case your neighbors aren’t using a pet safe melt.
You can find more safety tips on Morton Ice Control.
Along with helping to pet owners, Morton’s is helping the ASPCA.  They have made a donation of $20,000 and for every “Like” they get on their Facebook page before January 31st, they will donate $1 up to $55,000.  You can join in by visiting Morton Salt on Facebook, Liking them and letting them know that you were sent by afFURmation.

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