My Guest Post on BlogPaws- Using Pinterest for Your Blog

I’ve fallen in love with using Pinterest, have you? I have boards for pet quotes, recipes for pets, what I would put in my home if I were building it just for the pets and more.   I wrote a guest post on BlogPaws about how you can use Pinterest for your blog.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 and be sure to share how Pinterest has helped you with blogging.

This post is part of the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Find a new pet blog to follow below.

10 comments to My Guest Post on BlogPaws- Using Pinterest for Your Blog

  • CatChatCaren

    saw both of your posts and liked them!
    I tend to disagree with some who don’t like their items “repinned” from their blogs. When I “repin” from a blog I make sure I attach the link in the “description” area….what does that mean? MORE TRAFFIC for the person that I pinned….if they don’t like it then they are NUTS!

  • I’ll have to go check out your guest post. I LOVE Pinterest!! My Pinterest party link up is open now, so feel free to create a pin board for the party and link it up!! http://romanceonadime.com/pinterest/i-dig-green-pinterest-party/

  • I’m on Pinterest but I just don’t get it.  Where do you find things to ‘pin’?

  • You changed your design again, I love it!!

  • Saying hello, I am following from Life with Dogs Pet Blog Hop. I am excited to start reading your entries!

  • CatChatCaren

     @JodiStone hi Jodi! Ycan down load the “pin it” tag for your tool bar and as you see things you like on the web you can click on “pin it” (photos, blogposts, etc)
    Many blogs (like mine lol), installed a “pin it” button on their side bar so that you can also pin that way…
    and…the more people you follow you can “repin” things of theirs that you might see that you like. Those are just a few ways!

  •  @JodiStone Thanks!  I didn’t really like my last header and decided to change it when I had an idea pop into my head. I like this header much better.

  •  @JodiStone  I haven’t spent as much time surfing the web to pin some stuff from that, but I have done some. If you use Chrome as your browser you can add the PIn It app. If you don’t use Chrome, if they installed the Pin it Button like @CatChatCaren (you can see it on this post at the bottom right under the “What is a Blog Hop?/Get the Code.) you can use that or copy and paste the url into the Add Pin section on Pinterest.
    I repin stuff that shows up in my stream from those I follow, but I also look under the categories (find at the top) for new stuff.  I wish Pinterest would show you who the followers are that just follow a particular board because I would love to follow someone else’s board that is pinning similiar items.

  •  @Romance on a Dime I actually bookmarked your blog hop as I was going around commenting so I could join in. The Comment event was a little exhausting, but I found some great blogs to follow!

  •  @CatChatCaren I can understand people not liking it especially if they are artists or photographers.  I am trying to be extra careful and before repinning, I go to the link and make sure it is the original source of the photo.  It takes more time, but it is so easy for the proper credit to get lost.

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