My Furry Friends

I’ve been lucky to have enjoyed the company of some great furry friends through out my life.  Here are the critters that currently share my house-
The Canine Crew

Geo-  a 14 year old border collie mix.  Geo got his name from the car I was driving when I found him.  I was a delivery driver for a fast food when I found him in a ditch.  He was better than any tip I could have gotten!

Ricochet- a 6 year old Parson Russell Terrier.  Ric was adopted from our local animal shelter.  The saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” applies to Ric.  He was extremely reactive to other dogs.  Luckily, I was aware of it and familiar with postive techniques so with a lot of work, we have been able to get past this.  Ric and I are training for obedience and freestyle competition.

Havoc- a 4 year old Parson Russell.  Havoc is the mellowest Parson Russell I have ever met.  He was to be my first conformation dog, but he hated it as a puppy so we took a break during which time he grew too big!  It doesn’t matter though.  Havoc is a sweetie who is quite content to sit on your lap for the day.

Malarky-   a 3 year old Parson Russell.  Malarky is Havoc’s half sister and they are complete opposites in personality.  Malarky is always on the move, always causing trouble and always getting into things.  There are times I wish I had 1/10 of her energy.

Feline Friends

Tyke- a 14 year old domestic long hair.  Tyke, along with his sister, was adopted from a shelter in Washington state  when they were kittens.  Sadly, Rowdy passed away a few years ago due to renal failure, but Tyke keeps truckin’ along, although he tends to spend more time watching the activity in the house rather than participating these days.

Omar- a 6 year old Domestic Long Hair.  Omar was found literally laying in the middle of the road when I was out driving early one morning.  We could never figure out why as he had no injuries and are sure it isn’t something a cat would do when it is 40 degrees out.   I hadn’t planned on adding him to my crew, but we had no interest when we put a sign up at the vet hospital I worked in so eventually he found his way home with me.

Pyro- a 4 year old Siamese mix.  Pyro was adopted from an animal shelter in Bucks County, PA.  I saw him on Petfinder and knew I had to get him.  Luckily, he was still there after a few days.  Pyro is a very patient cat and I think he survived Malarky’s puppyhood better than the rest of us.

Bitsa- a 2 year old Domestic shorthair.  Bitsa was found as a 2 week old kitten, screaming her head off on someone’s front lawn.  Several adult cats were circling around and 2 of her litermates were dead nearby so I quickly picked her up.  I was glad I did.  Her one front foot was swollen, neucrotic and even had maggots (yes, very ewww).  She would not have lasted much longer in the June heat with that injury.  I thought she would need the leg amputated but the vet said no.  A course of antibiotics took care of it.  While she does have some deformities to the foot, they don’t affect her and even at 2 she still acts like the crazy kitten she is.

The Ferret Fuzzies

Sugar- a 5 year old ferret.  Sugar was adopted along with her sister Spice from the Pennsylvania Ferret Club and Shelter.  Spice had insulinoma and adrenal disease and unfortunately, passed on in March.  They were my first ferrets and have taught me so much.  Sugar is the matriarch of the crew and is good at keeping things in order.

Hijinx-  a 2 year old ferret.  Hijinx came from a pet store.  she was such a biter, the girl was probably surprised I took her.  We worked on the biting and today you wouldn’t even know she was so terrible.  Hijinx is the spokeperson of the bunch and has gone to a couple of pet expos to help educate people on ferrets.

Sprite- a 2 year old ferret. Sprite was adopted from Tiny Prints on the Heart ferret shelter.   Her original owner would leave her for periods of time with no care.  Luckily, she was rescued by a kind hearted person and taken to Tiny Prints.   Sadly, Sprite was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, a common cancer in ferrets.   Although I can see physical changes that tell me the disease is progressing, she still carries on.  Any opportunity to escape the play area is taken.

Delfina- a 2 year old ferret.  I got Fina after her owner called my work saying if we didn’t know someone who would take she was going to the shelter.  Something made me say yes, and home she came.  Luckily, she fit in well with my girls.

Razz and Gidget are 2 ferrets I am fostering for Pennsylvania Ferret Club and Shelter.  Razz is 6 years old and has insulinoma and adrenal disease, while Gidget is 4 years old and in good health.  They have adjusted well to our house.

The Bunny Bunch

Mona- a 6 year old female.  Mona was found running around outside.  Somehow I was able to catch and so brought her home.  Found ads didn’t turn up an owner so home she stayed.

Smudge- a 5 year old male lop eared rabbit.  Smudge was adopted from the Luzerne County SPCA after deciding Mona needed a friend.  We worked on letting them bond for about 3 days and since then, they have been best friends.

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OH my goodness they sound so cute! you should really have pictures of them on there. My older sisters name is sprite just like your ferret 🙂

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