My 7 Links

Thank you to I Still Want More Puppies for nominating me to take part in this.

The Goal of My 7 Links is to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

This gave me a great chance to look back at posts I haven’t read in years.


-Your most beautiful post

I think of ferrets as heartbreak pets.  They are fun, but they are sadly prone to health problems which means often they aren’t in our lives for very long. Sprite was one of my first ferrets, one I adopted as special needs so I knew I wouldn’t have here long to begin with. My post about Sprite and her Lymphoma was written as I knew she was reaching the end of her journey.
-Your most popular post

My most popular post depends on who you listen to- Google Analytics or the spambots.

According to Google, it’s You Never Know What Destiny has in Store for You.  This was written about how my dog Ricochet entered my life. I have been lucky to have several pets I call “destiny pets” those pets that find you and end up being a big part of your life even though you didn’t plan on them.

Weirdly enough the most popular post for spambots is a post on maggots!  The Summer Hazard No one Talks About is about a problem we see happening in vet hospital once the weather warms up.  The spambots comment on this post like crazy.  I’m not sure what they target the keyword “maggots”, but whatever….


-Your most controversial post

This one is tough.  I don’t blog to be controversial, this post is probably as close as I will get- Retractable Leashes. Be prepared to be shocked- not.

-Your most helpful post

I think my most helpful post was Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners.  Through my experience working with pet owners, having multiple pets and not having a big budget, I’ve found some tricks to help save some money.  This post was also my first venture into joining a blog carnival.
-A post whose success surprised you

The Almighty Kong is just a little not exciting post, but I’m surprised at how popular it is.
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Maybe there are many people looking for information on how to give medicine to rabbits, but I thought Medicating a rabbit Part 1 and Part 2 deserved more attention.
– The post that you are most proud of

I love the Pet Pop Quiz posts, mostly because I like doing the research for the questions and learning interesting things.

What fun looking back!

Another part of doing My 7 Links is nominating other bloggers to share there posts.

I am nominating-

Preston Speaks

Snotface Ferret

Cokie the Cat

Cat Chat With Cody & Caren

The Elka Almanac

Keep an eye on their blogs for their links!


4 comments to My 7 Links

  • Stopping in on the Blog Hop to say hello and let you know how clever your blog name it. Priceless! Hope to meet you at Blogpaws 2012.

  • I read the post about your ferret. I’ve not had ferrets before so did not realize lymphoma was common with them. I’m so sorry she’s having to go thru this and I am grateful you are able to be in the moment with her and give her comfort at this time.

  • dawn

    Thanks Rumpy. Unfortunately ferrets do get some major health problems and most. I once read about 80% will develop insulinoma, adrenal tumors and/or lymphoma. That’s a lot of ferrets.

  • I look forward to going through these post… I’m glad you participated. Love your blog. :)

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