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With so many pets, I’m at the pet store at least every other week. It wasn’t a problem before when I worked near my favorite pet supply store, I could just zip by after work.  Then they moved my office to the other end of town and it’s become a half hour trek to get there.  I’d rather spend that time at home with my critters.  Because of this I’ve been considering switching to buying my pet supplies online.

When Mr. Chewy contacted me to see if I might like to review their online store, I thought it would be a great way to start checking my options for shopping online. In order to do the review I received a $50 coupon to use on their site.

I’ve done customer service for several online retailers including a pet supply retailer, so I do have a little bit of a standard when it comes to my online shopping. I took some time to go through Mr. Chewy’s site before placing my order. They have a huge selection of foods to choose from (over 70 brands) many of them what I call super premium (better than what you can find in the grocery store or feed store). I found the site easy to maneuver around. You can search by brand, species, food form, life stage and special foods (such as grain free) or simply use the search box. Each item’s page contains a description and most importantly, the ingredient listing. They aren’t all about food.  Mr. Chewy also carries topical flea products, cat litter, puppy pads and my crew’s favorite- dog and cat treats. I found the prices to be about equal to what I could find in my local pet supply stores.

It took a little bit, but I finally decided on Evo canned cat food, Honest Kitchen VERVE diet for the dogs and some Zuke’s Mini Dog Treats.  The shopping cart experience went without a glitch.  I was able to enter the products, my information, the coupon code and my payment information (my order was over $50) without any problems.  I received a confirmation email soon after the order was placed.  Mr. Chewy gives free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49 and my order came on the second business day after I ordered.  I placed my order on a Saturday and on Monday received an email that it had shipped.  It arrived at my house on Tuesday.  Everything was in perfect shape and in date (Please ignore the look of the Zuke’s Treats in my photo, someone who is not supposed to be on the kitchen counter and has a thing for plastic got up there before I could take the picture and left tooth marks all around the outside of the package.  I’m looking at you Poughkeepsie!).

While most people never have a problem with their order and don’t have to contact the company, customer service is an important part of the shopping experience so I live chatted, emailed and called Mr. Chewy with some questions. I’m happy to say that Phil (you don’t have to worry about ordering and paying for an out of stock item, it will tell you on the site if an item is not available), Crystal (while there aren’t any plans to add parrot or ferret food, the product selection continues to grow) and Michele (if you take advantage of the delivery schedule option, you can always change the schedule either in your account information or by calling) all provided quick and courteous answers to my questions.

My shopping experience with Mr. Chewy was wonderful and I would highly recommend purchasing from them.  If you’d like to give Mr. Chewy a try, you can receive 10% off your first order by using coupon code PETP2662. Not only do you receive a discount, but they will donate $10 to be split between Best Friends Animal Society, Bideawee and NorthShore Animal League America.  Shopping and helping pets, does it get better than that?

Along with visiting the Mr. Chewy store, you can find Mr. Chewy on Facebook and on Twitter.




Disclosure: I received a $50 coupon from Mr. Chewy in order to do the review. Receipt of the coupon did not influence my review of my experience. 

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  • Alas, my condo association does not allow any pets so I will not be able to take advantage of Mr. Chewy’s products, although your review is clearly enticing.  Having your supplied delivered right to your door sure beats driving across town and schlepping stuff into your car and then into your house.
    I am especially intrigues by this idea that you got a coupon for your review.  Do you do these kinds of reviews often?   I also admire the “full disclosure” that you posted at the end of your review.  Shows excellent transparency and character.  Kudos on getting these types of assignments.  Looks like Mr. Chewy got more than their money’s worth on this excellent review.
    Warmest aloha,
    Kay in Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Nice review Dawn, my online chat experience didn’t go as well as yours. :-)

  • Thank you for the kind word Kay. While this is my first “shopping experience” review, I review pet products at http://www.petproductreview.net .  I try to be very thorough so that people can make an educated decision.

  •  @JodiStone Uh oh, did I miss the review?  I didn’t have any issues with my order and how problems are handled are certainly a big thing when dealing with a company, so it will be interesting to read your review.
    Thanks for the Tag!  I’m a bit behind, but mandatory OT is over this month so I am going to get back into a schedule and will work on it this weekend.

  • CM

    Mr. Chewy is awesome! I get better prices than ground store shopping and the delivery is very fast. Customer service is great. It is so much more convenient than having to stop at the store. They do a great job!

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