Monday Mischief- Poughkeepsie, Plastic and a Pica

Every now and then I wake up to find someone went on a binge overnight. A binge of plastic chewing. This is what I woke up to Saturday morning.


A Happy Meal toy with the plastic bag all chewed.


My niece will be happy the toy inside is unharmed.


I also found this which meant the binger was up on the kitchen counter which is a paws off location (our rule, the cats just humor us by not getting up there when we are around).

Chewed plastic bag


The culprit seemed totally nonchalant about the whole thing.

Poughkeepsie, Ragdoll cat


Poughkeepsie has what’s called a pica. A pica is when an animal (or person) eats non-food items. In Pough’s case it’s just chewing but some cats actually ingests objects which has the potential for some big health problems. Fortuantely, for us it’s just an inconvenience and we have to keep the plastic put away.


Weirdly Woody, the first Ragdoll I owned,  also had the same issue with plastic. I was curious if this was a “Ragdoll” problem so asked on  Ragdoll forum. There were 1 or 2 other people with Ragdolls that chewed plastic but also a couple of non-Ragdolls.


Do any of your cats chew on plastic?


Luna, A Dog's Life

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15 comments to Monday Mischief- Poughkeepsie, Plastic and a Pica

  • Jen

    My first cat, Ripple, used to lick plastic bags, but I don’t think he ever actually chewed on any of them. I think he liked the sound that they made!

  • zemeks

    Yes, our Manny Boy man cat chews on our plastic garbage bags and chewed on my plastic fake plant (which I finally threw away because of that).  The other I woke up to find the squishy stress reliever ball on our living room table with the cover all chewed off–not sure who the culprit was, but pretty sure it was one of my cats.

  • CatChatCaren

    hehehe does THIS answer your question? I blogged about it a year or so ago, maybe longer than that! http://opcatchat.blogspot.com/2010/06/passion-for-plastic.html

  • somethingwagging

    Every dog I’ve ever had liked chewing on plastic. Water bottles and yogurt containers are particularly popular. I had no idea this was odd–even for a cat.Ya learn something new every day. :) 

  • AlfieEntle

    I’m not a cat but paws up – I do like to chew plastic! *waggy tail*

  • Maybe we need to start a Plastics Anonymous for these plastic chewing critters! Glad to know mine aren’t the only ones. 

  •  @CatChatCaren Great post! You can tell when Pough needs his “fix”. He gets a look in his eyes and starts getting very determined about where he needs to go.
    With Woody, I thought it might have been related to his feline stomatitis. Pough doesn’t have this. Glad to know it’s common although out of the 18 cats I’ve had in my life, the 2 Ragdolls have been the only plastic chewers. 

  •  @zemeks They seem to do a good job of finding those plastic things to chew on don’t they!

  • My other cats like to play on the plastic grocery bags because of the sound.

  •  @somethingwagging My dogs will chew on that type of stuff and I never thought it was weird for them because they’re, well, dogs. My cats have more discriminating taste while my dogs, well, my dogs think cat poop is the best. :>) 

  • My cat doesn’t chew on anything in the house. He likes to rip at carpet when a door is closed. Not the same thing. Maybe it’s because he’s an indoor/outdoor cat? He spends most of his evenings out hunting.

  • Snoopysstory

    Phew, I’m so glad Pough doesn’t actually eat the plastic!!  Some good Mischief!!  Tee Hee
    Wags to all 
    Your pal Snoopy :) 

  • I’m glad Pough didn’t eat plastic.  Journey on the other hand chewed up his bedding last night.  I’m not too pleased with that :(

  • mybrownnewfies

    We think that Leroy has Pica too:( He has a thing for rocks. It is not fun taking xrays of his stomach at least once a month.

  • OriginalWacky

    Oh my, I have a couple of kitties that go nuts for plastic. I think that there are various reasons they tend to chew or lick and/or eat it and it depends on the individual kitty. Luckily I’ve always  been able to get it away from them or switch it out for some yummy treats. 

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