Minuit featured in DCIN Newsletter

I never really gave an introduction to the newest cat in my household. Minuit is an 11 year old domestic shorthair who arrived at the end of July. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get another cat after Woody passed away in May. Four cats is a lot especially with all the other pets so I didn’t know if I should get a 5th.

I was keeping my eye out. I had posted a Ragdoll in my post for the Adopt a Cat Month Blog Hop that I was really tempted to ask about. But I didn’t (the Ragdoll was adopted. Yay!). Woody had been a diabetic and

I knew that there were always diabetic cats looking for homes, after all that’s why Woody joined my house, so I “liked” Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN) on Facebook. DCIN works to help diabetic cats stay in their home by helping with supplies, educates owners of newly diagnosed cats and works to find homes for diabetic cats in need of a home.  There were several cats looking for homes, but something held me back each time. Sometimes the cats have a deadline (a date when the owner will have it put to sleep if not adopted), not one determined by DCIN, but one their owners decided on.  DCIN works hard to do direct adoptions right from the owners’ home, but does try to get the cat into a foster home if  a deadline is looming.

When Minuit was posted she had a deadline. I had already passed on one cat with a deadline whose caregiver opted to put the cat to sleep rather than have it go to the foster home that had been found.  I didn’t want to
see the same fate happen to another.  Since Min was just a few hours away, I posted that I was interested.  From there things really began moving, I went through the adoption process and someone volunteered to pick up Min and meet me halfway.  We were able to rendezvous one day after work and Minuit made her away to her new home.

When I decided to adopt Min the only thing I was worried about was having problems switching her from dry food to canned.  Canned food makes a big difference in a diabetic cat’s blood glucose level because of the amount of carbohydrates in dry.  I had switched my whole crew to canned a few years ago and it wasn’t a smooth transition.  Omar had bad carb withdrawal for several months and would go hunting on the counters for anything carb.  Our poor bread…  Fortunately, Min made the switch easily, but the bigger problem was I couldn’t touch her.  She came with a ton of catitude and did not want to be bothered, did not want to be touched.  This is a big problem since I needed to test her blood glucose and give her insulin.   Fortunately she had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was not at the point of having ill effects from it, so although I would prefer not to I decided to work on being able to handle her before giving insulin.  Having worked in a vet hospital, I knew how to handle hard to handle pets and I could have restrained her to do the testing and insulin.  But I felt since this could be for the rest of her life, it was better to build up trust first.

It’s been slow progress, but I am finally able to pet her although she doesn’t tolerate it for long.  She does love it when I take dowels and pet her with those so i do that a lot to help build the bond.  Testing her hasn’t been easy. About a month after she arrived I was able to get a blood glucose check and was thrilled to find it was normal! Yes, the canned food really helped in bringing her down.  I am hopeful that by continuing the canned food and getting the excess weight off of her (she was 16lbs when she came; she should weigh about 9lbs.) she can stay diet controlled.  We are still working on the handling part and getting her integrated into the rest of the household.


DCIN just did their inaugural newsletter featuring  cats looking for homes and cats that were lucky to find homes.  Minuit is featured as one of the success stories- you can read the newsletter here.



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