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Meet the Pet Blogger- Caren from Cat Chat and Dakota’s Den

It amazes me how much the pet blogosphere has exploded in the last few years. You can find blogs about dogs, cats, ferrets, parrots, guinea pigs, rabbits, just about every pet possible. I thought it would be it would be fun to meet some of the pet bloggers behind these  blogs and learn more about them.


Meet Caren from Cat Chat and Dakota’s Den

Caren has 2 blogs Cat Chat with Caren & Cody where she blogs with her cat Cody about cats and Dakato’s Den where she blogs with her sheltie Dakota about, yep you guessed it, dogs .

Flat Cody and Dakota
Flat Cody and Dakota


How did your love of animals start?

First, thank you for this great new feature and opportunity!! What fun! Now, on to your question: Tough one! Probably when I was about two. We had a Boxer named “Brandy” My mother said she acted like a “Nanny” with me because she was there before I was born. One day my mother heard me laughing my head off but couldn’t find me. She went into the bedroom and saw Brandy’s butt by the bed her head going under the bedskirt….under the BED was ME. She said I was laying there pulling Brandy’s jowls playfully (Brandy let me)….and was just LAUGHING to beat the band! I moved on to Lassie from there, my love of cats didn’t begin until I was 15.


What made you decide to start a pet blog?

I had lost my advertising job (due to downsizing) in 2007. I spent nearly two years incredibly depressed. First, I saw the movie “Julie & Julia” and thought “What FUN!! I can do that!” Then, I had answered an ad for “Citizen Journalists” that my local paper had placed. They wanted me to cover City Council meetings (soooo NOT ME!). I noticed at that time they had very few blogs. I suggested that I do a blog instead. They had me submit topic ideas and I submitted about 5. The first was Cat Chat (because cats were my first passion). That was chosen and I began my blog in October of 2009, my link is sponsored by the newspaper but I am NOT their employee. They own the link, I own all of my content.

Dakota’s blog is completely independent and was begun in the Spring of 2011, it’s a baby!

Cat Chat With Caren & Cody


How long have you been blogging?

Since October 2009.


How would you describe your blog to a first time visitor?

For Cat Chat it would be:Cat Chat is a cozy corner featuring information, stories, book/product reviews, videos and more that are all about CATS! It’s a “Chat” about CATS!
For Dakota’s blog it would be: “Dakota’s Den, the daily doings of a dog named Dakota. Let the barking begin!!”


If a reader could only read 1 post on your blog which post would you recommend?

I have a few but this one would probably be it: “My Love Of Cats, When Did It Begin?”


What has been the best part and what has been the hardest part about blogging?

There are sooo many BEST PARTS! Probably the best part was finding the BlogPaws website/community. When I had discovered them I knew NOTHING about blogging. I was lost. I remember running out of the bedroom shrieking with excitement the day I found them. I had told my husband it was as if my prayers had been answered. It provided so many answers to my questions, gave me guidelines, even helped with my topic selection at the time. Meeting the PEOPLE behind the site and the members of the site both in person and online has been richly rewarding

The hardest part would be now that I have two blogs, coming up with decent content (yep I know I am not the best out there, far from it!) and finding the time to blog. Sometimes the “fun” that it once had for me is sadly lacking due to various pressures that naturally occur when your blogs start to get a decent following.

Dakota's Den
Dakota’s Den

What have you learned from blogging?

Sooo much! Too much to list here. I am STILL learning and hope to always continue to learn. I have learned things that are technical, I have learned how to write better (I still need huge work on both of those issues!!), I have also learned a lot about people, both fellow bloggers and my readers. Most good, some, not-so-much 🙂


What is 1 piece of advice you would give to a new pet blogger?

Listen to your heart.
Speak as yourself (even if you are speaking through your pet) be true to yourself. Blog because you love it, blog because you love  your topic. Let your authentic self shine through your words. Not everyone is going to love you, you can’t please everyone. Don’t give up. Learn to give and take with other bloggers. It isn’t all about YOU. Be supportive. Give other bloggers what you want for yourself, an audience. Don’t just be a “taker.” Be sincere, readers and other bloggers respond to sincerity. Blogging shouldn’t always be self serving. People spot that a mile away and both readers and fellow bloggers will be turned off by it. (Ooops! that was waaay more than one thing!)


Where can readers find you online?

Cat Chat
Dakota’s Den

TWITTER: @catchatcaren

My Personal Page: Caren Osrin Gittleman
Cat Chat With Caren & Cody
Dakota’s Den


Caren was 1 of the first people I met when I attended BlogPaws last year in Virginia.  She’s a great person to talk to if you ever get the chance. Thank you for taking the time to time to answer some questions, Caren!!


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 @mybrownnewfies Jen THANK YOU!! You KNOW we love you too!!! I am touched, thank you! You know me, I’m gonna tell it like it is!:) xoxo

I love Caren and everything she does online to enrich the lives of animals. Purrs from @boomermuse. Will pin this at cat Wisdom 101 and share.

 @Layla Morgan Wilde ohhhh that was soooo sweet!!! You know we LOVE YOU and all that you do to enrich the lives of animals and US!!! xoxoxoxo

Thanks for stopping by to read the interview everyone! Caren is awesome and I was glad she agreed to be my first interviewee. I also love reading and learning how other pet bloggers got their start. I find it inspiring especially not knowing anyone in my offline world who blogs.
If you are a pet blogger and would like to be interviewed, please contact me!

Me and my cat Charlie love Caren, Cody and Dakota! It’s great to learn more about them here! Thanks for the interview! We hope Caren gets to go to BlogPaws next year! Take care

Hi Old Kitty! How sweet you are that you read the interview and commented, thank you!!! you know how very much we love and appreciate YOU!!! I hope I get to go to BlogPaws next year too!! xoxoxo

What a fun interview with Caren!  (I hear Cody meowing, “What about ME?” right about now!!!)  We just love learning more about our blogging friends…so often their own story is a mystery.  We “met” Caren early on in our blogging career/silliness.  She’s been so helpful and supportive to us.  She’s always there to answer a question or give great advice.
This is a great feature idea and we’re looking forward to coming back to meet more and more bloggers.
: ) Katie & Glogirly

 @Glogirly and Katie awwww THANK YOU Katie & Glogirly, that was really, really sweet! !! Katie, I especially thank YOU KATIE!!! (hoping there is salmon in your future!!!!!)  Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Love, Cody (yeah…and MOM too!!!!) xoxoxoxo

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