Meet my New Kitty-To-Be

I really hadn’t planned to adopt so soon after adopting Minuit this summer, but I couldn’t resist this one.  I adopted Min from Diabetic Cats in Need, a great group that helps diabetic cats, and so I follow them on Facebook.  This past weekend they posted a 10 year old diabetic Ragdoll in need of a new home after his mom died. I  fell in love with Ragdolls after adopting my diabetic Ragdoll, Woody, from the vet clinic I worked at.  Before I adopted Min I knew I was either going to adopt a Ragdoll or a diabetic cat.  Adopting a diabetic cat ended up being the one when Min came although I did pass up a couple of Ragdolls because they just didn’t feel right.

I really did wait for someone else to step up and offer to adopt Poughkeepsie from DCIN.  After 2 days with no interest, I emailed. Needless to say Poughkeepsie should be arriving on Sunday.  We will have some work to do getting him regulated.  Of course, my ultimate dream would be for him to end up being diet controlled like Min, but I have to be honest and know it might not happen with Pough just like it didn’t happen with Woody.
I’m started to get excited as we get all the details work out to get Pough here and i can’t wait to introduce him to you.  Until he gets here you can see him on the DCIN website.

3 comments to Meet my New Kitty-To-Be

  • That is so exciting, and he sure is a handsome dude! We got our newest sister when her owner died unexpectedly and nobody wanted her.

  • He is a true stunner!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with Brian that he sure is “a handsome dude!!!”

    Sooo looking forward to photos when he gets to his new home!

  • dawn

    Thanks! I’ll get to meet him at noon tomorrow. Most of his owner’s pets were special needs, but I think they found homes for almost all of them.

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