Meet Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator

I’ve never used an animal communicator, but I’ve had friends who have and some of the stories they’ve told me have been pretty amazing. Joan Ranquet is animal communicator who offers readings and also teaches others how to develop their ability to communicate with animals. She has appeared on several TV shows and been featured in a number of publications. She recently authored a book on animal communication and was nice enough to answer some questions about animal communication and her book.

Where did your love of animals come from?

I think I was just born this way!! I love the family dog – who merely tolerated me at a young age and I won my first horse at 7.

What is animal communication?

Animal communication is done by telepathy, the transference of pictures, words and feelings.

Is it something you are born with or can you learn how to communicate?

I believe we are all animal communicators, just some people are more aware than others that the connection exists. It is something I learned and now I teach it. I liken it to a muscle. It is actually starting to use a muscle that we used when we were babies and didn’t have language yet. Like riding a bike, you never forget, you just need to reuse those muscles.

How did you get started in animal communication? What made you decide to devote your life to it?

It picked me. Once I could do it and world opened up for me, there was no looking back.

How do the animals communicate with you? Are there other ways they communicate?

Of course there is body language and the sounds they make. I can tell the difference between my dog’s barks, my cat’s meows and my horses’ neighs.

For what reasons do people use an animal communicator?

Some people just want to know what is going on with their animal in general. Some people want to know what they can do about a health issue or a behavioral challenge. Some people have to say goodbye to their beloved.

What does a session involve?

When the client calls, they have e-mailed me a picture of their animal. So I take a few minutes to ask things like: how old, how long have you had your animal and who else lives in the household. From there, I get quiet and connect with the energy of the animal. I find out what is going on with the animal in general and then I get to specific questions.

Is there a particular case where you have found you were able to make a big difference in an animal’s life?

There are lots of cases. I don’t make the big difference in the animals life though, it is that the person has reframed the picture of the situation for themselves or saw their animal in a more positive light. The animal can only change if the people change. I tell a lot of stories in my book “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator”.

You’ve written a book, Communication With All Life: Revelations Of An Animal Communicator about animal communication, what made you decide to write a book?

I decided to write a book because I have so many great stories of people and animals making great changes through animal communication.

What will readers learn from your book?

Mostly people will see that they are already communicating to some degree. There are simple instructions in there to create a telepathic connection. The other thing is people may see their situation in the book and be able to make shifts around their household.

You have a second book coming out, Energy Healing for Animals, what will it be about?

Energy Healing for Animals explains what energy healing is, how it helps animals and what sorts of things you can do at home. It also gives some resources for things you would need a practitioner for, i.e. a holistic veterinarian, chiropractor, etc.

Where can readers get your book?

They can get the book online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, through Hay House (publisher), in bookstores, or even from my site www.joanranquet.com.

Where can they get more information about your services and find you online?


You can learn more about Joan, her services and products and training that she offers at her website. Thank you Joan for taking the time to share with us.

Have you ever used an animal communicator? How did it help you with your pet?

3 comments to Meet Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator

  • Lovely, I used an animal communicator for Delilah.  In that instance, I don’t think she had a true handle on the situation, but Delilah is well now and that is what matters!

  •  @JodiStone How did she do the reading? Was it in person (dogson?) or with a picture? I think it’s interesting that the pet doesn’t have to be in the presence of the communicator.

  •  @demik3 She did it over the phone, with me on the line.  She had no picture or anything.  She said Delilah’s issues were from ‘metal’ in her brain and when it started it moved down her head and into her  jaw.  Our vet explained it as similar to lead poisoning.  They suggested a cleanse to eliminate toxins.  After we did that she still had yet another episode, so it wasn’t that at all.   To say the least I was disappointed.

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