Meet & Greet Party

A big welcome to Catipper! As part of the party for their new blog, Paris and John from Dogtipper are hosting a party for pet bloggers to meet each other.



A little intro from me-

I’m Dawn and I live in northeast Pennsylvania with my zoo crew that includes-

Dogs- Ricochet, Jack Russell; Havoc, Jack Russell; Malarky, Jack Russell; Mellie, English Springer Spaniel

Cats- Omar, DLH; Pyro, Siamese mix; Bitsa, DSH; Charm, DLH; Woody, Ragdoll

Parrots- Suerto, Hahns Macaw; Roca, African Grey; Eco, Senegal

Rabbit- Glee, English Lop

Ferrets- Jinx, Destiny, Cassie, Dervish, Amblin

I’ve spent a good part of my life working with pets- as a vet assistant/tech; co-owner/operator of a grooming shop and customer service rep/wholesale account manager for an online pet company. Dog training has been one of my hobbies, though I haven’t been able to spend much time lately. I am hoping to find time to get back into it.

I began my blog Pet Product Review in 2007 to review pet products. I was working for the online retailer at the time and thought it would be fun. Unfortunately, shortly after I started the blog, they sold to another company and moved out of state. School took up some time after that so it was slow going. I started this blog a few months after PPR to talk about general pet things.Dig Box for ferrets

Life has settled down now.  I have a new job working as a cancer registrar which I love, time to spend with my crew and time to get working on my blogs.  It’s great seeing what the online pet community is able to do!

Be sure to meet the rest of the partyers!

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