Job Hazard

It’s unavoidable. When you are around pets so much, you always hear about this pet or that pet that needs a home.  Usually I am good at saying “no”.  Usually.

This past Sunday I cracked.  I am working at a veterinary emergency clinic  just for the summer to get some extra funds so I don’t have to worry when I am going to school  and not working a full-time job.  Often people call about stray animals they found that are injured or sick.  The clinic stabilizes the pet and holds it for the local shelter to pick up and continue its care while looking for an owner.  Being that it is “kitten season” we are getting a number of stray kittens in.  No, problem, I don’t need another cat right now.  I had actually even talked myself out of adopting a new cat from our shelter who recently took in over 80 cats from 3 different houses. My crew was happy and I didn’t really think it was a good time. Destiny had another idea.

The head tech came back with a carrier and pulled out this little fuzzy kitten.  She held her up and said “look at this face”.  Omygawd, my heart melted!

Charm And she looked much cuter that day I swear!

Right away I knew I was taking her home, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself.  I kind of tried talking the another tech into taking her so I wouldn’t, but no go.

She was kept in an incubator all day to keep her warm.  At only about 3-4 weeks old, she was very thin so she thought the food we offered was great.   As I was cleaning her up shortly before I had to leave, I saw some funky white stuff under her one eyelid.  (Gross alert!) My first thought went to maggots.  With the hot, humid weather, we tend to see more than we want to see on pets.  Well, they weren’t maggots, they were fly eggs which would certainly developed into maggots if something wasn’t done.  Luckily, we were able to flush all the eggs out of her eye and I bathed her and removed some more in her fur.  The vet had some serious doubts as to how she would do at first.  I don’t think he had ever seen fly eggs in the location before.

I took her home, but I was worried that we didn’t get all the eggs and something would happen overnight.  Fortunately, the next morning she was fine and she has been fine all week.  She has been eating a mixture of A/D and kitten milk replacer.  She is using the litter box very nicely.  We are trying to clear up a little diarrhea which seems to be clearing up with the addition of probiotics into her food.  She can be a little spitfire when she wants to be (usually when we are going to get a little bath).  Hopefully, she will live up to the name I gave her- Charm.

Charm sittingCharm being a little spitfire

I guess as far as job hazards go, this one isn’t too bad.


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