Ferrets are NOT Wild Animals

A few hours ago I went to pick up a ferret from the next county. This ferret had been found outside by a family over a week ago. She could have been lost, but unfortunately, often people will just let a ferret free in the wild when they don’t want it (in this ferret’s case, possibly due to her biting). The ferrets we keep as pets are not wild animals, they have been domesticated for thousands of years. They imprint on their food at a very young age making it hard for them to switch to a new diet as they get older. For the majority of pet ferrets, the diet they are used to is kibble (ferret food). Since there isn’t much kibble laying around outside for them, a ferret that is released outside will die if it is not taken in by someone.

Fortunately, for this little girl someone did find her, take her in and then made contact with some ferret knowledgable people to get her the care she needed. So please if you are thinking about getting rid of a ferret or any pet for that matter, take it to a shelter, don’t just let it go outside. They at least deserve a chance at having another life.

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