Emergency Cat Carrier

Working in a vet hospital, you see pets, especially cats, being transported in all different types of containers. At least they are in something. My heart drops every time I see someone walking in just holding their cat in their arms. There is just so much that can happen that could make the cat bolt and our vet hospital is located on a very busy highway and, well, you get the picture…

I personally have several different carriers in my house always at the ready. Most of them are the hard plastic carriers. They seem to multiply in my basement. They aren’t my favorite for transporting cats, I much prefer my soft carrier, but they are great to have in times of emergency.

basket carrierIf you don’t have a carrier, it is very easy to make one if you have an emergency. All you need are 2 laundry baskets that are the same style and size. Place your cat in one of them, take the second basket and turn it upside down over the first (the picture shows 2 miniature baskets). Tie the ends so the cat can’t get out. It’s not pretty, but it works. The main thing is to keep your cat safe and sound.

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